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July 2017 Astrological Reading

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Aries- This month is asking you to be calm and carry on. Hold back your fiery words when you feel your temper heating up. Try stepping back, taking a few deep breaths, and rethink the situation. We always tend to see things differently after we take a break from it!


Taurus- You are being called dear Taurus…do you hear her? Your natural element of earth is asking you to get back in touch with that wondrous component of who you are. Spend time outdoors, congregate amongst the trees, visit the mountains, meditate with Mother Earth. You will be surprised how much you will be recharged.


Gemini- People around you need to see the real you! That means showing those special someone’s in your life both sides of your wonderful double personality. Don’t be afraid to do so! It will make all the difference in the world to those that count.


Cancer- Try expressing that emotional tornado that swirls under the surface of that seemingly calm moon face. Love and relationships require honesty, and you are no exception to that dear Cancer! You will feel so much better once you do.


Leo- This is the month to reflect Leo. Take inventory, and make the necessary adjustments that are required for peace of mind. Your natural talents have been pushed to the wayside too long. It is now time to come forward and rekindle that amazing thing that only you can do!


Virgo- Your sweet self just isn’t being heard…so speak up! Don’t live in fear of what will happen once you do- all is well and right with the universe dear Virgo.


Libra- As you always like things to be balanced, it is you that causes things to go off kilter this month. Rest assured, all that is required to bring things back into equalized state, is just be your beautiful self, smile, and all will be right with the world.


Scorpio- Don’t get your stingy tail up! Think before you act this month, a lot is counting on your reaction. Get all the details and information first, then proceed. You can do it! You are amazing Scorpio!


Sagittarius- The nebula associated with you is the swan and glows blue and pink…hint hint…let your love flow and show that beautiful person in your life exactly how you feel…and all with be right with the universe!


Capricorn- The energy of this month is stay grounded! Stay close to your dear Mother Earth. You are being asked to make some hefty decisions, but your practical nature will serve you well in this case. Love calls out to you from the past…will you heed the call?


Aquarius- Your true self is not calling…it’s screaming! Put on those pink converse, with that pearl necklace and rock it out as only an Aquarius can do. Your glowing self has been dimmed by the heaviness of people around you that don’t really understand that vibe you do. Be you, be true to you- this world desperately needs that right now.


Pisces- Stop brooding over the situation. It has passed, it is done. Instead look at the positive of that person, see that we all come with








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