July 2020- The Door to Possibility

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Taking Your Power Back


July 2020


Have you ever wondered where life’s journey is taking you?  Maybe you have thought to yourself “What is my purpose?” or “Why do I do the things I do?”. Maybe you have asked “Why is the world changing like it is?”.  Or how about this one…

“Why did I created all of things that lead to these questions?”.

I know most of us don’t look at life as though we created the situation, we are in.  Most times it’s too difficult because fear, pain and disappointment numb us from our truth.  We can’t believe we are in the situation we are in let alone stomach the fact that we created it.

But owing our situation is where the magic lives. Being accountable for our creation is where we find possibility. It’s how we learn that we not only own the keys to our door to possibility, we are in fact the key maker.

I forgot this.  Actually, I have forgotten this for a long time. I forgot that I get to create exactly what I choose. That I am accountable for my creations and that I have access to the keys of change for any given creation.

I forgot this when I bought into the myth of fear.  As a result, I accepted a lot of “shoulding” from others that ultimately lead to fear based living. When I gave into fear, I gave up my Door to Possibility and my ability to create the keys that opened possibilities door.

After years of living without my ability to access possibility I decided no more.  I decided to live accountably by choosing to accept that I created all the fear, struggle, and illness.  I have also chosen to replace the fear, struggle, and illness with healing, strength, trust, self love, and possibility. In essences I have chosen to become reacquainted with my key making stills and my Door to Possibility.

There is something so powerful about choosing your possibility that it’s hard to write about it in a way that feels real because the mind is not trained to believe possibility is possible.

We have been so indoctrinated into believing we are less than possible that we have made fear our truth.

 Just look at current state of affairs on the planet.  Things are changing and fast. We are currently experiencing a Shift’s so great that things will never be the same.  Right now, most of us are feeling possibility-less.  We are feeling the effects of fear based living. We are seeing firsthand where letting go of possibility can take us and right now, we get to choose.  We get to choose possibility or more of the same.

Right now, The Door to Possibility is open. All we have to do is choose.  Right now, all we have to do is peel away our fear and take one step towards what we choose.

One accountable, empowered, and focused step filled with self love will create immeasurable options that open doors to possibility for not only ourselves but for everyone on the planet.

Welcome down the Rabbit Hole of The Door to Possibilities





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