June 2014- Conscious Shift is 2yrs old.

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June 2014- Conscious Shift is 2yrs old this month.

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Conscious Shift Is 2years!!!!


Thank you for your Conscious and Shifting Support. We look forward to many more years of Consciously Shifting with you.

 June’s Conscious Shift is the mirror effect.

What is happening in your life is a direct reflection of you and how you are living. When something is beautiful, fun, exciting or joyous that is a reflection of you. When things are not so great, hard or just plain miserable that is also you. The mirror shows us the whole picture the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.  This is great news though because you own all the reflections. You also own Windex and paper towels, so you get to clean and change the mirror whenever you see fit.


The mirror effect makes me think about the people in life that rub me the wrong way. The behaviors of others that just get under my skin and oh how ‘”they” annoy me. In truth, I’m really seeing exactly what it is about me that I don’t like.  The mirror reflection of me shining bright and loud at me.

The mirror is a blessing though, it helps us keep track of where things are going and where they have been. Don’t be afraid to face the reflections of you or the mirror you own. It is what makes you, you and you are a beautiful and Conscious Shifting being.

Take it from the Conscious assistant.  He may not have a mirror to look in but he knows who he is: A beautiful being that has a place in the hearts and minds of his moms and my chair. He is himself and knows his value no matter what reflection he sees.

Mirror Mirror on the wall , how long will this nap last?
Thank you for your Conscious Support. 
Welcome down the rabbit hole.

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