June 2015- Living Accountable

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June 2015 Accountable

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Hello Conscious Readers,

Welcome to the June edition of Conscious Shift Magazine. This month we’re traveling down the rabbit hole of living accountable.

Accountability can be difficult. We all struggle with some version of it everyday. Let me give you some examples.

Someone you know wants to lose weight but never does. As a result they blame it on genetics, old physical injuries or the sun came up today. Their excuses, and reasons are limitless. They then solidify their story turned belief, with action by consuming large quantities of unhealthy food and never exercising.

Another one of my favorite accountability conversations is money. You can’t pay your bills. You make it a habit of borrowing money from others so often it would appear that you think borrowing money is a competitive sport. Your bills are never paid and still you have cable TV, dine out regularly, have a new car, and sport a new outfit every time you are seen in public. To top it all off you insist on telling the entire room about how much money you saved on your new outfit rather than paying back your debt.

I know I sound judgmental but hear me out. It’s not that I don’t understand. In fact I understand more than I care to admit because that was me. I was always broke, never paid my bills, ate unhealthy food, was over weight, owed everyone money and was completely clueless as to how I got there, and it was everyone else’s fault.

I’m humbled and proud to say that I am no longer that version of me. How did I Shift? I stopped. I stoped going without and started going within. I stop blaming others and started asking better questions. The better questions lead to releasing self-doubt and embracing a love of self. I then began to understand that I was accountable to no one but me.

When I finally stopped I started to see the magic here. This was all my doing which meant it was also my undoing and thats the magic of accountability. I got to fix everything, I lost weight, got healthy and started to make my own money. It was hard at first but by the time it all cleared I realized I was having the time of my life, stopping and then restarting, accountable.

Welcome down the rabbit hole.

Accountable is something we all have to be even Neo. He knows he has to pitch in when we have company yet he makes excuses, hides in the closet and then blames Uncle Matt for everything. Baby steps.



Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern
Conscious Shift Magazine
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