June 2017- Random Acts of Kindness

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Share Your Kindness Everywhere You Go


This month we Consciously Shift with a conversation about Random Acts of Kindness. Practicing Random Acts of Kindness is easy and more powerful than you think. Kindness and acting kind is important because it can Consciously Shift our world for the better.

Every day it seems there is something else creating a divide between us. That divide keeps us from connecting with one another. Sometimes it feels as though life is getting harder and harder every day. This feeling, combined with politics and the news seem to only perpetuate more of the same.

Well never fear, because we can Consciously Shift that with being kind and practicing Random Acts of Kindness every day. Sounds like a pie in the sky answer to our global disconnect, but it’s not. Being kind and performing Random Acts of Kindness could be the key to changing everything because being kind reminds us of who we are, our connection with humanity and It is healing.

What are the benefits of acts of kindness and just being kind? Well they are numerous, but a good place to start is with the recipients of your kindness and you. When you do something kind you feel it immediately and not just because you did something kind but because when we are kind, our body responds.

When we are kind to others and to ourselves our brain responds by releasing a hormone called an endorphin. The endorphins are released throughout our nervous system and then affect our physiological function. These “kindness” endorphins then create an analgesic effect in your body. In other words, being kind releases a chemical that soothes pain and leaves us feeling all tingly inside.     So it could be said that being kind is like taking an opiate.

I’m sure we have all felt this at one time or another we just didn’t pay attention.   For argument’s sake, try to remember the last time you opened the door for someone. You probably did it without thinking and when the receiver of your kindness smiled at you and thanked you, you smiled back. And for a moment you probably felt warm and tingly inside.

Another example is smiling. Remember the last time you smiled at someone just because? Chances are you smiled, then they smiled back, and you both walked away feeling great.

And that’s what I’m talking about. A Random Act of Kindness that will create a positive healing ripple effect on you, the receiver and your world. Random Acts of Kindness are Conscious Shifting.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.



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