June 2018: Taking Personal Inventory

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The Benefit of Asking Better Questions

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As defined by Internet experts and human resource departments, personal inventory is described as follows: An assessment tool that career counselors and other career development professionals use to help people learn what their personality type is. It reveals information about individuals’ social traits, motivations, strengths, weakness, and attitudes.

What do you think about that? Does it seem fair or does it leave you scratching your head?  In my opinion, this is a bit flat and only serves to pigeonhole individuals into jobs that may not necessarily make their lives joyful.  Well, don’t despair and keep reading because personal inventory in the Conscious Shift Community is a whole lot more.

When Taking Personal Inventory in the Conscious Shift world you start by asking better questions.  Ones like: “What do I want?”,  “What makes me happy?”, and “What do I want to do with my life?”.  If you don’t have the answers to these questions then you ask more questions.  Questions like: “How do I get to happy?”, “How do I stop being unhappy?”, and “Where do I start?”.

Every person who asks these questions will have different answers.  And every person who asks these questions will have different questions arise as a result of their answers.  The only constant of this experience will be for those who do not ask a question at all.  There will be no change or growth forward. Only more of the same. If you’re happy with that keep moving forward.

If you’re the person asking the better questions or the person ready for a change keep reading this month’s edition and take a look at our monthly publications from this year.  In January we started with What Do You Choose for A New Year?.  In February we asked you to Change the Way You Look at Things. For March we talked about Finding Higher Purpose. Then in April Living Abundantly, which was not about money. Followed up by May where we decided it was Time to Hit the Reset Button.

So for the first half of the year, we have been asking better questions and giving ideas on how to work with the answers to those questions.  We have also asked questions in case none were coming to mind. Now here we are at mid-year and ready to pull it all together with Taking Personal Inventory.


Welcome down the rabbit hole of Taking Personal Inventory.

Peace & Joy
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