June 2020- The Infinite in Everything

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June 2020

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The Infinite is in everything. I mean everything from a single blade of grass the farthest reaches of space.  The Infinite is everywhere and in everything.  It is connection and separation of all things all at once.

The Infinite, also known as unlimited, incalculable, never ending, bottomless, enormous, immense, multidimensional, and innumerous to name a few, is just that, Infinite.  And now you are asking what’s my point.

Well if everything is limitless, bottomless, enormous than so am I and so are you.

There is no escaping this fact.  If you believe that Infinite is Everything or Everything is Infinite than at some point you have to see that so are you, me, and we. We are everything and nothing all at once.  We are all one, connected and separate because that’s what Infinite is.  It is everything.

This means you, me, we, are all the good and the bad.  You, me and we are all the good we allow and denied.  All the judgement given and received.  You, me, and we are all of it.  You, me and we are The Infinite in Everything.

This is really good news because it means we have total control over how this will all play out.  This is actually great news because it means we are powerful beyond anything we have ever believed or been led to believe.

It means that you, me and we have control to change the things that we don’t like and keep the things we do. Infinite in Everything means we all get what we choose, and no one has to be “Infiniteless”.  We get to be our beauty and our beast, our strong and weak. Totally connected and completely separateness.  We get to be everything.  No judgement required.  The Infinite in Everything means no limits ever.

No limits except the self imposed ones we choose.

In short this means, if you choose, you get more of all the good, possibility and positive change in life. Because you are Infinite.  It also means you get more illness, misery, doom and crud if you choose. Because you are Infinite.  And yes, it really is that simple.  And yes, it really that hard.  Hard because we have forgotten That we are The Infinite in Everything.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of  The Infinite in Everything




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