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Herbs Eye View On KAVA-KAVA

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You probably remember the news going on about kava a while back. They were purporting The Dangers of Kava. The FDA had determined it causes liver damage. Of course, on the other hand, if you watch the commercials about the new pharmaceuticals that the FDA does approve and promote, 9 out of 10 have warning labels about possible liver or kidney damage. Not to mention the list of side effects are usually much longer then the list of benefits.

I figure it gets down to this: if it makes you feel good and government isn’t getting a piece of the action; e.g. tobacco and alcohol, they want to outlaw it, or at the very least control it.

The Polynesians have used kava for over 2000 years. It was an important part of their tribal government functions. Along with ceremony; kava was always drank before important decisions were made. They believed that it de-stressed and relaxed members of council, so problems could be discussed more openly; and that it promoted peace and harmony among people. In some remote islands this practice still goes on today.

Kava is a muscle relaxer, mind stimulant and a social enhancer. One of kavas compounds stops muscle spasms up to ten times more effectively than pharmaceutical anti-convulsants.

I will give you my own testimony here. After a severe back injury and several operations, I was determined permanently broken. I was prescribed handfuls of pills, pain pills, muscle relaxers and laxatives to offset the side effects of the aforementioned pills. I had enough sense to not get carried away with the painkillers, but for 12 years I took two muscle relaxers a night. It was kava tincture that enabled me to stop the habitual use of these pills, which are very destructive on your liver and kidneys after long-term use. The main reason I began my herbal studies was to take control of my own health issues.

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fotolia © Rafael Ben-Ari License:

My first experience with kava was in a ceremonial setting. Ten minutes after drinking the tea, I noticed I was not sitting hunched up and tense. I was mildly euphoric and relaxed. I began experimenting with different methods of kava.

It is a bitter tea to drink, but can be made palatable with other complimentary herbs, or honey, or coconut milk. Whenever possible do the unprocessed kava root. You never know what quality of herb was used in the pre-made capsules.

I tincture my kava root in either vanilla or coconut rum. I order my kava from a small family farm in the Fiji Islands. I use it as a medicinal when needed, but also as a liquor. Its’ unique euphoria is quite pleasant. One should always practice moderation.

I have been known to be out and about with a small silver flask, filled with my kava mixture. Let’s hope the powers that be don’t have their way and outlaw this marvelous herb.

That’s a wrap for this week. Keep it simple and keep that kava legal.

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