Know Your Birth Chart, Know Your Purpose!

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We are usually observing planets and their transits in our charts in the astrological world. But I’d like to discuss some other points in the birth chart that are calculated off the planets.  Points that help an astrologer guide you towards your purpose in this lifetime.

The first of these is the Part of Fortune, calculated off the degrees of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant. This is a point an astrologer uses to discern what makes you happy, what you are most passionate about and what you can make money doing.  If a transiting planet is hitting off your Part of Fortune, it is a time in which you are successful, either monetarily, or in the rich reward of feeling good about what you are doing.  When looking at transits for an event, we can tell if an opportunity presented to you is going to make you happy and/or wealthy or not by where the Part of  Fortune is in aspect to the planets.

Another point used by astrologers is the Vertex. This calculated point gives us clues as to what our calling in life may be. When it is hit off by a transiting planet, either an opportunity presents itself or a specific person brings in a significant change in your life. Often it is associated with meeting a soul mate because they come into your life to teach you a lesson or make you aware of something about yourself. The sign and house position of the Vertex also gives the astrologer clues to your purpose in life.

The North Node and the South Node are points calculated off the moon’s position in your natal chart. The South Node indicates what sort of energy you may have brought in from a past life with you and the North Node indicates the “purpose” of this lifetime, the lesson you wanted to learn from your experience here on earth.  Often the sign and the house position of the North Node tells the story of your life.  It is that energy or situation you are always striving for and may have lost track of because of parental or peer pressures. The beauty of astrology is in realigning your awareness of this “purpose”, this goal for your lifetime, with the inner you. So often we get off track with distractions, outside pressures, and the like, and we lose sight of our direction in life.  When under stress, we will easily fall back into using our South Node energy to cope because we are familiar with it from childhood or maybe even a past life.  Knowing the energy of your North Node helps you stay on track in achieving what it asks of you in this lifetime.

By looking at all three of these special points in the natal chart, it becomes much clearer as to our “purpose” or mission in this lifetime.

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The planet Saturn is often associated with our career (or purpose) and if we have been following the energy of our charts without distraction or manipulation by others, we will find ourselves in careers that support this life purpose.  The career energy is found in Saturn’s sign and house position. Saturn goes around the Sun every 29.5 years, so at the ages of the Saturn returns (when Saturn returns to its natal position in your chart), around the age of 27-31, and again around 56 – 60, we will reevaluate where we are with regard to our career aligning with our purpose. The first Saturn return is usually the time when we first take on a serious career or family, entering true adulthood (age 27-31) and the second Saturn return is often associated with the “midlife crisis” (age 56-60), when we start to ask ourselves is this all there is to life? Have I done something that made a difference with my life? Both times are excellent for getting an astrology reading as it can help your awareness of your true calling and how close you are to that course and where you may need to make adjustments. If you are lucky enough to live to age 84-90, you may have a third Saturn return and this is regarded as the time you enter wise old age, culminating your experiences into wisdom.  Saturn returns are key turning points in your life purpose and structure.

In summary, your natal chart holds the keys to understanding your gifts and your purpose and how you can best express both in the world. Understand your chart and you will understand your true self and what your Creator wishes for you to co-create in this lifetime!


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