LIGHTEN Up This Holiday Season

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Fill your holidays with the gifts of illuminated self love, inner knowing and peace.

fotolia @ Dmytro Smaglov

fotolia @ Dmytro Smaglov

What do you want this holiday season?

What is the message you want to give your children this holiday?

What do most families want for the holiday season?
I believe that children and adults alike have the desire to experience the magic of the season. To celebrate this season and for it to be one of light, love and lasting memories.

I truly believe it is possible to create a season of light by being “light”.

It can be challenging with the focus on the external material things in stores and on TV. However, you can create “light”.


L-Love yourself

I-Illuminate the true spirit of holidays

G-Give the gift of love to yourself and others

H-Honest appraisal of how you feel and what’s going on

T-Trust your inner knowing to guide you


L-Love yourself- How do children learn? By watching their parents, of course. I believe there is magic in the word Stop. Think of stopping as loving yourself. It allows you to re-fuel from the inside, out. Stopping can create more “room” for you and for those you love. Stopping creates space. When emotions run high, stopping to eat, shower, be still, meditate, etc., even for a short time, can make all the difference.

Stop and say “No” when the holiday schedule for you or your children becomes too busy. As you love yourself by stopping, your children will have permission to stop too.

Let love flow to you and your children by being gentle in your expectations of yourself and of your children during this season. Stop when you or your children are tired, and definitely when you are exhausted. Take a family “break” and do something quiet to recharge.

I-Illuminating the true spirit of the holidays happens as you focus on creating traditions from your heart, not with stress, obligation or because we have always done it that way. “Holiday glue”, your family traditions, are what supports you and your family in the heart centered illumination of the true spirit of the holidays. Talk to your children to find out what traditions they would like to continue. Let go of the traditions that cause stress and create new ones.

fotolia © Evgenia Smirnova

fotolia © Evgenia Smirnova

G-Giving a gift of love can decrease stress, create memories, and form heartfelt connections. Ask you children what they think would be a great gift. (Within reason, of course!) Enjoy heart centered “shopping” and let your heart easily find the perfect gift to make, give or purchase for someone on your list. There are so many simple DIY projects (try Pinterest for ideas) that would be fun for you to create with a little help from the kids.

H– Are you being honest with yourself about how you feel? First check in with yourself. Then check in and see how your children are doing. Do they seem happy or are there more arguments, hurt feelings and melt downs? It is really important to stop, listen to your inner guidance and hold your expectations of yourself and others with lightness. Re-evaluate and be flexible.

T- Trust your inner knowing to guide you. It will never let you down. Amid the hubbub you may make a change in your plans, decide not to do one thing or to do something different at the last minute. Trust your inner knowing! When you trust your inner knowing it always works out. If your children are disappointed by a “No”, trust that you made the right decision. You know best. They don’t! “Trust your inner knowing to guide you” can become more than a nice phrase, but rather they can become words to live by for this season of light and into the New Year.


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