April 2018- Living Abundantly

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Living Abundantly

This month we are having a Conscious conversation about Living Abundantly

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Living abundantly has nothing to do with money or things and everything to do with your happiness status quo.

It seems that we have been sold the idea of abundance being directly related to the amount of money you have or how much stuff you own.  In truth abundance and Living Abundantly has very little to do with either money or things.

Abundance and Living Abundantly has everything to do with how you feel inside.  It’s about the little things that create a state of mindfulness and peace.  The magic of Living Abundantly is that it does not cost a thing and has everything to do with how you choose to live in the world.  I first learned this lesson when I was Living Abundantly on 200.00 a month.

In my late 30’s I found myself in a situation where I had no job, no home, and no self-worth.  I just had my heart broken and was kicked to the curb by another age inappropriate partner.   A month prior, I was supposed to leave the state with a friend and start a new life.  Instead I followed my heart and wound up with not much more than 200.00 and my beautiful baby cats.

I had to start over and with…well nothing.  What I learned over the period of the next few months was that I had everything because I had me.  I slowly began to rebuild my business, I miraculously paid all my bills each month, and I became an avid juicer because veggies were cheaper than meat.

Eventually I had enough money left at the end of a week that I could afford a slice of pizza. On Friday’s I would take my pizza to  the pool in my apartment complex. I loved the pool and had amazing timing with my visits because I never encountered a soul.  As I sat in the afternoon sun and basked in this private oasis, feasting on my slice of pizza, I felt rich.  In fact, I had never felt so rich, free or happy in my life.

Over time I began to realize I was not going to be homeless, that I did not need anyone to take care of me, and I really had everything I needed.  It was at this point that I recognized I was Living Abundantly because, and only because, I was genuinely happy. I was at peace and most importantly, I was loving me. For the first time in 30 something years I began to feel, and understand my own self-worth, and the universe responded by showering me with abundance.

What changed you ask? Well I changed.  I changed my thoughts and that ultimately changed the way I felt.  When how I felt changed the world around me responded differently. And when I noticed the world responding to me differently I could not help to see, feel, and know the joy status quo that comes from Living Abundantly.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Living Abundantly


Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern
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