Living From the Inside Out

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We made it; we’re over the threshold.  The astrological configurations that brought us the pandemic and unearthed a host of social abscesses have broken up and the lovely Saturn-Jupiter conjunction last December has ushered in a brand new phase.  OK, it will take time, and we won’t feel it right away.  We’re still digging ourselves out and figuring where to put all of that excavated material.

One reason we’re in so deep in the first place is that somewhere along the way we decided that what happens in the outer world is more important than the quality of our inner lives.  Our social constructs had made it somehow OK for us to feel terrible inside as long as it didn’t show.  Too many of us were walking around in great pain and telling everyone we were fine, hoping that would make it true.

The year 2020 pushed that particular kind of insanity to the limit and gave us one of the many great learning opportunities of the year.

Conventional wisdom tried to help by telling us our reactions were ‘normal’ and suggesting we go for a walk or talk to a friend or see a therapist.  And there it often ended, as many of us are not conversant in the language of the inner realms. We’re told the answer lies within, but no one has taught us much about how that works.

For those who were most personally impacted by 2020, it may have seemed as if there was an archeological dig taking place in our own backyards without our permission.  Hidden attitudes and beliefs were uncovered, and difficult emotions and patterns were brushed off and bloodlessly presented to us for inspection and carbon dating.  Well, crap.  But, now that we know what we’re dealing with, the next steps belong to us.  The year packed a global wallop, but collective healing takes place through individuals, one by one.

We can start by building our own set of tools.  Maybe the wrecking crew left a few shovels behind as a parting gift, making it easier to form a habit of being aware of what is going on with us on a regular basis.  The more we become acquainted with the territory, the less we fear what we will find.

Everything looks better in daylight.

And it can help to know that with every episode of anxiety or sadness or grief, there is an accompanying remedy, a healing counterpart.  This healer part of us forms very quickly, and draws its strength and energy from the heart.  It is exquisitely kind and loving and accepting.  It does not tell pain to go away. It meets and holds it, and allows it to be whatever it is.  If defenses are still needed, they are met with respect, trusting they will do their job until no longer useful.

None of this is new.  For millennia, shamanic traditions have been calling this process soul retrieval where our frightened and disowned parts are reunited with the safe and loving whole.  Other systems may call it something else, but however it is framed, it comes with being human.  We have forgotten, but we can remember.  We may feel more vulnerable, (an especially devalued quality in modern life), but we also feel stronger for it. Our faith and confidence in the core reality that is us are increased.

When we are on good terms with all parts of ourselves, outer circumstances have less sway.




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