Living in Grace

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Much has been written about visualizing what you want; attracting things and ways of being into your universe via the Law of Attraction. We know that like attracts like, and if we feel it, sense it, see it, then we can manifest it. This is the active part of manifesting your dream life.

But there’s another part, an equally important part, to living a life full of joy, peace and inner contentedness.  This is the receptive part of the equation; being content and satisfied with your life as it is today, with all its ups and downs, goods and bads, blissful moments and emotional valleys.  This state of accepting what is and rejoicing in the way things are, is what I call the state of havingness – having exactly where you are, right here, right now.

As Lao Tzu expresses so eloquently, by looking outside for fulfillment, by not being OK with who we are in the present moment, we are coming from a state of lack.  We are looking, seeking, craving after something we don’t have.  And this state of non-havingness will magnetize to us more of the same, the energy of lack.

Instead, if we realize that we already are all those things we seek, if there is nothing lacking, then we are in the feeling state of abundance, and from there the whole world belongs to us.

This is a difficult concept to grasp because we’ve been taught to go after, to strive, to yearn for, that which we don’t have. We’ve been taught that it’s about the doing, the actively seeking, that brings us happiness.

Instead, if we realize that nothing is lacking, if our days are filled with thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, prosperity and abundance, then we send out a strong signal to the Universe: send me events, circumstances and people that match my current state of gratitude, appreciation and prosperity.

That doesn’t mean we can’t want more, that’s still possible.  It’s changing the frequency with which we want that’s the key. 

What we feel, we will be. Our thoughts and feelings of contentedness, peace and wholeness magnetize all the material things that represent these feeling states to us. Like attracts like – that’s the miracle.  That’s the process of manifesting a life full of purpose and meaning.

So how do we get to the spot of living in feelings of appreciation, gratitude, wholeness and purpose?

For me, it’s been a gradual process of peeling away the layers of self-doubt, unworthiness, and self-degradation. Learning not to judge myself or others. Allowing me to be me, whatever that is. Living life to the fullest and being the best and highest possible Della. That’s what has allowed me to be content and at peace with what I have right now.

I’ve asked myself many times, “Can I have my current state of being, with all its ups and downs, disappointments and discouragements? Can I have exactly where I am right now, for the rest of my life?”

Think about that for a long moment.

Can you have exactly where you are, with all the discomfort you may feel about your financial situation, your job, your relationships, for the rest of your life? Can you stop the striving for that which is outside of you and be content with your current state of your existence?

If you feel deep within your soul that you are exactly where you should be at this moment in time, doing exactly what is best for you, then – right there – in that moment of acceptance – is grace.

That is the miracle. Grace. Grace removes the feelings of lack. Grace is that state of authenticity. It is a non-striving, totally aware, totally creative space of havingness.

This is the key to manifesting all the material things that we want.

First we must be content with where we are – in abundance, not lack.  Then as we reach for more, we do so from a place of abundance.

Consider whether it’s time to think about moving away from the striving, craving, running after a better life.  Instead, consider being content with what is, right here, right now.

Can you make that shift?




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