The Power of Surrender

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Living Empowered by Releasing Resistance

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Living in surrender means releasing resistance. You practice resistance when try to control what isn’t yours to control. You can maintain your car; you can’t make others like you. You can use good judgment about your eating; you can’t control anther’s choices. You can acknowledge your inner world conflicts; you can’t erase them.

Surrender implies an attitude of humble acceptance. No matter what is this second we say, Thank you. We know we are the student and our job is to learn from our experience. We don’t criticize our experience and we don’t try to escape it. We keep our head up and our eyes open and we acknowledge that every second Source is present. That means that every second Source guides us. Do we pay attention?

We don’t pay attention when we evaluate our current situation. We don’t pay attention to learning our lessons when we judge others. We don’t pay attention when we stay busy focusing on our surroundings. We don’t pay attention when we think.

We actually may be paying attention when we watch TV. Passive viewing teaches us to receive uncritically. We don’t enlist our evaluative function and this allows openness to Source. We show up and we allow both the TV and Source. If you can watch TV, you can meditate which is your experience of acknowledging Source in your life.

When you denigrate yourself, permitting your Critic to abuse you, you are not available to Source. When you make your Controller your judge of what is acceptable and what is not, you are not available to Source. When you do everything you are supposed to do in order to be right, you are not available to Source. You are in relationship with our Controller and making your Controllers your god.

When we sit and breathe and watch our thoughts instead of thinking our thoughts, we allow Source. When we look at our feelings without identifying with them, we are available to Source.

Surrender is required to be available to Source. Being available is a choice, perhaps the most important choice we make every second. And it is a secondary matter. When we practice availability we practice presence — we show up, we allow, and we notice. That’s the operational definition of surrender.

We don’t need to do anything — doing is practicing resistance, since we identify with our Controller when we do. It’s a temptation to make our Controller our god but thinking, which is what we do when we are align with our Controller, is a way of practicing resistance. Thinking is appropriate to do when we have a problem to solve. But it doesn’t aid us in experiencing our oneness with Source.

You are available to experience your oneness with Source when you:

pay attention to this second

stay in your Observer and not in your Controller focused on an outcome

practice presence, allowing whatever is to be

trust a wisdom greater than your mind’s

identify with your Essence, not with your personality






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