Change is Magic

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Inspired By Life’s Process


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The mirror is trying to tell me I’ve changed over the past few years. I don’t believe a word it is saying. At least I don’t want to. As I divert my gaze away from its reflective surface I look around the room I’m stood in.  The appearance of my surroundings has changed a lot more than my own, I say to the scrutiny my mirror and I share. There is some nodding and agreement, mostly within myself, as I ponder the different houses and even countries that I’ve lived in during recent years. Every place I moved to I felt a little different. What was always more evident though was the unchanging part of me that accompanies me wherever I go.

I marvel at the moves I made out of inspiration or eagerness to explore new grounds. Where the new motioned me forward from a distance, coaxing me into meeting up with it. It whispered in my ear the many gifts it had lined up for me. If only I would get my future to intersect with its present moment. Those inspired shifts were usually more successful than the ones that I made looking over my shoulder in rejection of what I saw behind me, all the while trying not to trip over my effort to get away from things.

Change in a person’s life can be a beautiful thing. It’s also an ongoing and inevitable process. In spite of this inevitability a lot of us feel a need or pressure to create change with every step we take. Our society looks to be built on the shaky foundation of change, though we prefer to call it progress. There’s no doubt that our active participation makes a huge difference where change is concerned. But there might be a lot less ‘making things happen’ required than we think. What’s more important is that we make sure our motivation for change comes from an authentic place that has our best interest at heart.

If I look at my own life, a lot of my past attempts at change have sprung forth from a certain degree of restlessness or unwillingness to accept my circumstances. There’s no shortage of movement surrounding most of us. Quite possibly not even rigorous training in a monastery would protect us from feeling somewhat overwhelmed in the middle of city life and current affairs. So who can blame us when in our confusion we make a few agitated moves that don’t necessarily serve anyone.

The beautiful thing is that even when we ourselves haven’t got a clue, life is clever enough to know exactly what each of us truly need. Just as it knows what is required for the greater good. But it takes a bit of trusting and a lot of self-love to allow the kind of change that is less controlled by our human insecurities.

There are a few tight muscles in my body serving as proof that when I wasn’t pushing for change I was trying to prevent it from happening. Like in the department that my bedroom mirror commented on earlier. But it’s becoming more and more clear to me that change is quite an exciting game when we don’t try to impose our own rules upon it. We truly can have a positive impact on our own lives as well as on the world. But if we are to do that we need to move from a state of appreciation rather than from discontent.

For that purpose it is important we first go beyond any discontent with ourselves. The state of genuine appreciation for all of life starts right in the heart of our own being. It is what remains after traveling past accumulated layers of opinions. It is that sweet spot where self-criticism loses its power and there are no alternatives to relaxation and peace. This place has no trouble facilitating the kind of effortless change that is inherent to life. It has no fears and insecurities to contend with so it doesn’t feel dependent on any particular outcome.

Paradoxically that detachment makes it a lot easier to courageously team up with life and watch miracles unfold, all without feeling the stress of ‘needing to get things done’. This is the beauty of getting so close to ourselves we have no choice but to feel safe and secure; the innocent nature of superficial change is recognized and it’s allowed to unfold as it comes.

When we do make a move it will come from inspiration. And inspiration will always lead us to creating the type of profound change that not only enhances our own lives but benefits the world at large.






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