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Alignment with Living on Purpose


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I write a lot about life purpose and living in joy. What I’ve found to be true for me is that following my life’s purpose is not about what I do, it is about the attitude and feelings I bring to the task at hand. I’d like to share an excerpt from my book, Tame Your Inner Critic Find Peace & Contentment to Live Your Life on Purpose on the topic of living life on purpose.

Living Life On Purpose and In Joy

Living a life on purpose means that you are filled with joy and enthusiasm. You know your life’s purpose deep within your core, and you gladly share this gift with others.

As you raise your frequency to match your unique purpose, you raise the vibration of the thoughts and feelings you transmit into the world.

Think of that.

As you think and feel joy and love and enthusiasm, those thought-forms travel from you to others around you. As other people pick up those vibrations, they will begin to match that higher vibration. Like attracts like. Your thoughts are beacons of knowingness, calling back to you events and circumstances that allow you to shine bright and stand tall.

Following your purpose in the deepest sense means that you are not concerned with the shoulds of the world. It is not about what you do that is important; it is about the attitude and feelings you bring to what you do. When your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions support your life’s purpose, you are in grace. That is the joy. As you come to know, deep within your soul, that you are living a life full of inner purpose and meaning, you radiate this joy out into the world, affecting everyone around you.

You are here on earth to discover your Higher Self, your Spirit, and to listen to your internal wisdom. As you do this, you understand that your true mission in life is to express your unique gift—and to share it with the world.

Exercise: Finding Your Unique Gift

  1. Sit in silence. Be in the center of your head. Be in stillness. Breathe. See your aura bubble in a protective coating of your choice. Intend for any foreign energy to be deflected before it can enter your space. Feel alone, at peace, centered, and still.
  2. Now visualize a bubble of energy in front of you. Intend for that bubble to represent your
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    fotolia © Syda Productions

    original essence, that beam of light, your soul essence. See that bubble grow bigger and brighter in front of you. See it full of colors that represent you: just you, your uniqueness. Your specialness. No one else on this planet is exactly like you. Marvel at the colors; see the exquisite details of the swirls and waves of color and thought. This is you. This is your shining light. Say hello to this energy and receive a hello back. Maybe you see the colors representing kindness, gentleness, or wisdom. Or, you might sense the energies of playfulness, enthusiasm, or humor.

  3. Now ask for words to form in your mind—words that let you know who-you-really-are. See phrases form, see pictures develop in front of you. This is your Spirit speaking to you. Sit. Breathe. Listen. Watch.
  4. Once the bubble is full of the energy of your soul, your uniqueness, then grab that bubble and pull it right into your aura. Infuse your space with the color and feelings of your Spirit, your true essence. Maybe you see colors of gold, light blue, lavender, and pink swirling around in your aura. Maybe you feel the energies of love, peace, compassion, understanding, respect, and self-worth throughout your body.
  5. Ask that a smaller ball of this energy form in the center of your heart space. Ask for this special ball of vibrating colors and feelings to infuse you with the sense of your self-worth. Feel your essence, your specialness, shining forth from your heart space. See beacons of this light emanate from you in all directions. See these waves of oscillating energies penetrating far and wide. You are a powerful beacon, sending light into the world and sharing your gift with all. Intend for these rays of energy to continue to shine, even after this meditation is complete.
  6. When you feel complete, open your eyes and come out of meditation. Know that your aura is infused with the color of you and that the rays of your essence continue to shine forth.

Living a life on purpose is living a life in joy. It is knowing, deep down in the seat of your soul, what brings you joy. As you focus on that which brings you joy—and as you allow yourself to express this joy through your job, your family and your relationships—you will attract more and more events and circumstances that are in alignment with your purpose. That is the miracle. That is grace.






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