Living Your Life in High Resolution

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© Sergey Nivens - Fotolia

© Sergey Nivens – Fotolia

In January, many people make New Year’s resolutions. Comes February and these already start to dissipate a little. By March, most of them are already forgotten.  I like to set up goals rather than resolutions, because they are much more practical, measurable and achievable.

In my practice, I encourage my clients to live their lives in the highest resolution. What do I mean by that? Your life can be clearer, brighter and lighter when you embark on a healthier lifestyle that incorporates all aspects of health: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, environmental, etc…

You can start doing just that by focusing on ONE goal at a time, which you can apply to many areas of your life.  Mine has been “detoxing” or “living clean”. Removing everything I consider toxic from my life: toxic foods, toxic relationships, toxic thoughts, etc…

Take food for instance. We have been brain washed for decades in believing that certain food groups, like carbs & fats, are bad, when in reality, food is NOT the enemy. The chemicals that are put in “food-like products” are the enemies. Learning how to decode a food label to identify those hidden chemicals is one of the first things I teach my clients. So each spoonful truly is either an act of nourishment, or an act of assisted suicide. Which one do you choose?

When you start nourishing your body with real, wholesome, nutritious foods, as well as keeping physically active and maintaining a positive attitude while surrounding yourself with loving and supportive people, you begin to define a “new normal” for yourself and your life.

I strongly believe that good health is a choice, not a chance, and that it begins with good nutrition. In fact, that has been my motto since I started my practice 15 years ago. When you fuel your body with the proper nutrients it needs, it begins functioning better, and you, as a person, begin to function better too, and all areas of your life begin to function better as well, just like a positive domino effect.

Your next step is to commit to yourself, and to your goals, keeping in mind that life happens, and there will be bumps along the road, but as long as you keep focusing on the destination, the journey becomes easier.

Commit to living your life in high resolution and feel clearer, brighter and lighter!

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