Living Your Life on Purpose

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fotolia  © crazymedia

fotolia © crazymedia

Before I began to write these words, the idea popped into my mind to first cleanse my physical aura with sage. I instinctively followed these directions as the smoky scent and feeling of connection took over any rebuttals my thoughts threw out at me. Just this idea alone amplified my Spiritual Energy. As I retreated down the stairs, the idea to perform triceps dips on the stairs seized my body and I instinctively followed its command. I propped the sage down onto the landing and performed 25 triceps dips. These exercises amplified my Physical Energy due to the movement of blood and the Strengthening of my muscles. I thanked the wisdom for providing me with strength and movement of energy. Now, I am ready to allow the creative juices to flow and write what comes to mind.

I create an intrinsic environment where I listen to the whispers of my Soul and take action. This is how I define my life’s purpose.  My love of writing and physical exertion intertwine while helping me understand, on a deep level of awareness, how my mind works. It’s like a puzzle whereas the pieces fit depending on my thoughts. The more aware I am, the more I understand whether the information is pure and patient, or hastened by past patterning.

I can only give examples of my personal experiences because everyone’s purpose is personal. It is through my examples or stories, where I hope that someone opens up their heart space a little more than it was a minute ago. My writing opens up a space for myself, along with the reader, where vulnerability is encouraged. This space allows past patterning and stuck thoughts to move through. Once the thoughts are revealed, the art of allowing is increased, and the vibrational energy is a match for uplifting information.

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fotolia © alpgiraykelem

When I am living my life on purpose, I feel my Soul leading the way. I am calm, kind and assured of my decisions. There is a flow to the moment in time and in my thoughts. I am not concerned or thinking about the past or future. I am not attached to others’ reactions or expectations. I have no addictive tendencies. I simply go with my own flow. My reactions to others’ reactions are neutral. There is no anxiety or doubt. I am aware of others having fun. I am confident in my choices and decisions. I am aware of the energy I bring into the room. I am 100% in the moment. I have consciously altered my hormonal level and allowed oxytocin to flow!

My day lines up with Universal abundance when I am living on purpose. Synchronicities happen that make me smile and say “of course”. People, places and beautiful things happen. Ideas flow easily. There is a calmness of the mind, like the stillness of water early in the morning. It feels like the body and mind simply relax into the Universal forces.

I believe that throughout life, our passion may change, stay the same, or increase while our soul’s purpose in life stays the same. For example: I have embarked on the journey of Fitness where I trained religiously for the competitive stage. I inspired some due to the transformation of my physique. My passion and enthusiasm lead me to share my journey with others and reveal my intrinsic motivation for change. My physical passion opened up the space to share creatively through writing. It is my purpose to dig deep into my own experiences and share the information with others. I share the good, the bad and the ugly! I am not afraid to be vulnerable because allowing the energy to move, I hopefully open up space for others to share and create a trusting environment. This juices my spirit!

Life has ways of throwing challenges in your direction to strengthen your Soul. It is relentless and will constantly remind you of its awe-inspiring divinity. Taking time to increase your Oxytocin levels by giving back without any desire to receive will surely help you tap into this generous Spirit. Once you feel the effects of giving, take time to thank the Universe. It will reward you in ways which will strengthen your Mind, Body and Spirit!

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