The Lost Art of Intuition

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Sexual Intuition


Have you ever met someone who simply oozed sexuality? I am not referring to those who exploit themselves but those whose energy just seems to radiate an attractiveness that is all-encompassing. Simply being in their presence sets fire to an innate desire.

I think that most of us have picked up on this energy as it is recognized by our human psyche. We subconsciously or consciously react in different ways due to our own belief and value systems. The environment we grew up in, along with the messages from trusted individuals planted seeds to either flourish or dwindle this energy. Good or bad, valued or disregarded, respected or disrespected, the list goes on dependent on subconscious thoughts.

The term sexuality or sex has perhaps taken on a negative connotation due to public sources that I believe, need no reference. Sex or sexuality has unfortunately been subjected to external connections between individuals whether the same or different gender. While there can be misuse of this connection due to individual expression, I believe that the focus of sexuality, its origin and purpose has been misinterpreted.

So where does the essence of this energy system originate? It dwells deep within each and every one of us. We have the intuitive power to ignite this movement and energize other systems within the body while expanding our consciousness and connection to a higher power. There are many respected methods to help connect us to our own sexual power. I also believe that finding something we are passionate about is a gateway to this source. When we are passionate about something and take action upon it, time seems to stand still. We become one with the moment.

For myself, weight lifting while listening to soul moving music transports me to a place where nothing else but the mind-body connection matters. I use my imagination and visualize deep within my muscles to get deep inside while consciously controlling the movement and force. It is the experience of being in the moment. I would refer to this as my connection to sexual energy. My energy expands and moves throughout my body experienced as the rush of adrenaline. It alchemizes any confrontational thoughts. This feeling is then carried with me afterwards and can be recycled by consciously referring back to the memory and feeling if it starts to dwindle. It is an innate relationship with myself. It is the art of chiseling through all the external elements that do not accelerate my growth while making a conscious effort to take action upon things that move my soul.

To find one’s own art of sexuality, take action upon those things that you are passionate about. Tap into that gateway while staying focused on the innate effects. Take note on the feeling and repeat until it becomes absorbed by your cells. Once this happens, the vibration sends signals to other systems until they start to conspire with each other. Once this happens, you may just be at one and at peace with the true essence of your divine sexuality.





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