Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Effect

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Can a human being affect change at the atomic level simply through one’s thoughts?

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Can a human being affect living organisms and nonliving materials at the atomic level simply through one’s thoughts?  Can the human mind transform the atomic composition of living and nonliving elements by believing and intending that such compositions can and will be altered?  Can plant life be improved?  Can materials be transformed at the atomic level?  Can general health vastly improve through Divine Energy within?

For years, these questions have been asked and answered affirmatively by “faith healers,” “transformational leaders” and “enlightened saints,” who say simply, “Believe it to be so and it will be so.”  This faith based ideology was popular in ancient times when spiritual belief was all some people had to rely on.  Sometimes simply as a last resort.  However, there was never any scientific or empirical data to assess if faith alone and intention of thought could make any difference. With significant scientific advancements in our modern world, science still says that all evidence must be derived through testing and observation.

One evening in 1995, a 32-year-old mechanical engineer from India by the name of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi discovered that he had a gift: the ability to transform living and nonliving materials at the atomic level through his own energy, which he describes as divinely bequeathed to and harnessed by him, and that by so doing he could release the unlimited potential for greatness in everything.  “While I was sleeping in a trance-like state, my brain entered a realm of super consciousness and I began to harness a message from the Universe that I was born with a gift to heal myself from unnecessary struggling and suffering and that I was to use these gifts for my own betterment and that of others, the environment and all of humanity,” said Mr. Trivedi.  “First, I solved all of my physical, mental and emotional problems.  When I did, I was overflowing with happiness, peace and wealth in every aspect of my life. I was overflowing with Divine Bliss.  I then distributed this to friends, colleagues and eventually to people all over the world.”

Mr. Trivedi quickly found that his true purpose in life was to share this gift.  “The moment I discovered my gifts, I was out of all forms of poverty,” said Mr. Trivedi.  “I found that people were suffering from anxiety and depression because they had poverty in many aspects of their lives.  They think their future is full of misery.  I, on the other hand, realized that my future is filled with happiness, pleasure and wealth because I have so much wealth in my life.  I realized that I need and want millions of people around me to enjoy this wealth as well.” ​​

Mahendra Trivedi rapidly gained a substantial body of human testimonials from over 250,000 people that attest to the potent capabilities of his Divine Energy on every aspect of the human condition, such as dramatic improvements in their physical health and immunity, relationships, emotional health, mental potency, sexual satisfaction, finances, business ventures and much more. Although he witnessed thousands of individuals’ lives transform due to his “blessings,” Mr. Trivedi was aware of the power of psychological persuasion.   He wanted proof that the life-changing impacts everyone was receiving from this energy was something real, and not a placebo effect.  At the same time, Mr. Trivedi realized that although many spiritual, religious and transformational leaders and other “holy men” have come before him and attempted to enhance the quality of life and optimize human potential so people can live a more fulfilling, blissful and happier life, none of their abilities have been fully tested or authenticated beyond the scope of human testimonials.  No one had actually validated his or her gifts scientifically with any significant and measurable outcome.  However, unlike his predecessors and consistent with his skeptical nature, he knew that in order to be most effective, his gift needed to be judged and proven through a more objective set of criteria: “If this energy is truly powerful, then it should not only be capable of transforming people’s lives, but it should also have a measurable impact on other living and nonliving materials.” He chose science as the means through which his abilities would be either proven or refuted. “I realized that through science, this gift can be highly useful to millions and even billions of people,” Mr. Trivedi said. “Without science, you cannot prove anything.”

Curious and determined, Mr. Trivedi began extensive and rigorous scientific testing and soon found the energy he harnessed through his “blessings” could change the behavior and characteristics of living organisms and nonliving materials such as humans, plants, seeds, animals, genetics, microbes, metals, ceramics, polymers and chemicals.  To their amazement, scientists found that through the use of the most sophisticated technologies available today, Mahendra Trivedi’s thought intentions can effectuate permanent atomic, molecular and cellular change, proving that the effects of his blessings were not the results of a placebo effect.  Within the ensuing 20 years, the impact of Mr. Trivedi’s transformative thought intentions became known as “The Trivedi Effect®.” The more mystically minded and educated of us call this Shakti or Holy Light, in which an Enlightened Consciousness is connected to Divine Energy and then the thoughts and intention of this enlightened person can affect all in a positive light.

“We have conducted over 4,000 experiments on more than 250 varieties of organic and inorganic compounds under controlled laboratory conditions and stringent field trials with the use of the most sophisticated technologies available,” said Mr. Trivedi.  “Through scientific analysis, we found that I can increase and decrease the size of the atom and can change the atomic mass by channeling the energy of the universe through my thought intentions, achieving the maximum potential of all living and nonliving things. Now, my abilities are based on objective scientific facts and not founded simply on the basis of faith. I do not claim anything; the science does the talking. “

Currently, there is over 150 publications in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals that each suggest that this energy has the potential to do something great on this planet, for the benefit of all humankind.

The Trivedi Effect® has also been tested in numerous case studies involving plants and animals.  The results have been impressive, leading to high quality, 100% organic crops with increased yield by as much as 500% over the controlled (unblessed) land, seeds and plants, while animals blessed by Mr. Trivedi have been found with increased immunity, lower mortality rates, as well as better quality and higher food production compared to control groups.

Mr. Trivedi noted that he has helped thousands of professionals achieve maximum health, success and happiness through his blessings and his teachings.  “People from all walks of life are feeling the benefits of my gift in many areas of their lives,” said Mr. Trivedi.  “They say they are experiencing higher quality sleep, calmness and are less fearful of the future.  Their anxiety and depression have disappeared and they are experiencing better health and emotional wellbeing.  Many have discovered their life’s purpose, talents and skills. Further, they are able to implement these talents, skills and hidden gifts in their everyday lives and become more successful.  Their confidence has increased tremendously and without confidence, you cannot be successful.”

The consistently positive findings of The Trivedi Effect® ultimately led to the creation of his apt corporate tagline “The Trivedi Effect®, Difficult to Believe, Impossible to Deny.” “I am here to play my role decided by The Divine,” said Mr. Trivedi.  “I am doing that for the benefit of everyone around the world.”

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