Make This Your Year For Transformation!

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Happy New Year!!!

How does that make you feel when I say that?  Is it truly “happy” for you?  Did you ring in the New Year with a sense of gratitude that 2013 was one of your best years yet and that 2014 is going to be even better? Or perhaps you are feeling some resentment towards yourself that you didn’t do all the things you said you were going to do in 2013?

If you resonate more with the second answer then let’s back up a minute OK? Let’s not rehash the past or berate ourselves for not doing something we said we were going to do.  Really, it’s OK!  How about looking at 2014 as a doorway to look into the “why” you didn’t follow up on those particular things so you can change that this year. Maybe you’ve been saying you want to leave your job and start a whole new career that you are passionate about and that feeds your soul, but something has been holding you back. Perhaps you planned on meeting that special someone last year but you just can’t get yourself to commit to a relationship or even feel safe going out to try and meet someone.  Maybe you planned on getting your health back both nutritionally and through exercise but that got put on the backburner as well.

Getting all angry and judging yourself is not going to make matters better.  Neither is putting added pressure on yourself that it’s the new year and you have to live up to your resolutions otherwise you are a failure once again.

 “How are you feeling about yourself?”

Let’s put an end to it this very second and instead use this energy to look into the “why” you didn’t do the things you set out to do last year.

The first thing you might want to ask yourself is “How are you feeling about yourself?”  Oftentimes when we’re procrastinating on doing things we truly desire it’s because we have a lack of commitment towards ourselves.  We for some reason or another are under the assumption that we can’t have what we want so we stick to our same old patterns that end up creating more unhealthy patterns through sabotage.  Do you realize that you have the power to create your very best life?  You have the power to create a new life for yourself with your ideal job, the perfect soulmate or whatever it is you truly desire?

What would it look like if you used this year to commit to YOU without shame or guilt attached?  What if you took empowered action towards yourself to create the life you always wanted. You do know that is possible right?

 “How are you relating to you?”

I invite you to go back to this question again, “How are you relating to you?” Are you surrounding yourself with people and an environment that supports you?  Are you feeding your body with delicious and nutritious foods and getting enough exercise?  Are you feeding your soul with joy and pleasure through laughter and creative expression? How often are you taking time out for you?  Without all of these things, we will not have the energy or motivation to create this ideal life for ourselves.  If we are not physically balanced and at our highest vibrational state then how can we have the motivation and energy to attract the most amazing life ever?  We can’t.

I remember a few years ago when I had zero commitment towards myself.  I was hating on myself and my body, I was feeding her with chemically laden foods and lack of sleep. I was overworked and stuck in a job I was unhappy in, I was sick all the time; I couldn’t hold a relationship for dear life.  I mean how could I when I couldn’t even hold a relationship with myself? I was “stuck” in a life I never asked for nor wanted.  The day I woke up and started to heal my relationship with myself, my body, food and self-care, everything else started to shift.  My entire life transformed before my eyes.  I was able to get my ideal healthy body back, I quit my undesirable career, found my life’s purpose, started my own practice doing what I love, working from “anywhere” and found and married my soulmate. The best part is it continues to get better from here.

So, let me ask you now.  How ready are you to commit to YOU and your transformation this year?


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