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Time for Conscious Connection and Communication with Mercury Retrograde

fotolia © astrosystem

fotolia © astrosystem

Just as things were starting to move forward astrologically with Saturn and Mars now in direct motion, we are experiencing another slow down energetically. Mercury goes retrograde from Aug 29th to Sept 21st and although this may slow communications down and ask us to spend a little time reviewing things, the forward movement of the other planets is helping things get rolling again. This Mercury retrograde is in conjunction with Uranus retrograde that started July 29th. Both retrogrades ask us to look inward and especially at our goals and dreams as we move forward at a quicker pace now. So before rushing into new things, make sure you have determined exactly where you want to go, make step by step plans for your future, and work on organizing things while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo.

Think of this month as the time to be getting back to basics. Make sure you review where your life is headed overall and determine if this is the direction you want to be going. Do this review in a detailed manner, complete with numerical analyses and fact finding missions. Does where you’re headed correspond to your basic values and needs? Do your daily and health routines reflect the lifestyle you know you need to adopt to be healthy and happy? Is your business meeting the goals you previously set? Are you putting energy into the right things that further your dreams? Or do you need to revise and reshape your plans to better reach your goals?

We have a Solar Eclipse on September 1st with the New Moon in Virgo two days after Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo on August 29th. The keywords for the next three weeks are analyze, review and dream. Especially in our career, friendships, and health routines which are ruled by Virgo. This Solar Eclipse and New Moon are conjunct the North Node which is a powerful energetic portal. New beginnings that begin now should feel like we are on our path or fulfilling our destiny. If not, use the Mercury Retrograde period in most of September to review and revisit the work you do and how you can revise it into being more in alignment with your beliefs and goals in life. Some of you who have been working diligently on your own healing will finally get that breakthrough in your career or health that motivates or moves you to make changes so that you are in alignment with your path or destiny. Some may change careers to a whole different field of study.

fotolia © alex_aldo

fotolia © alex_aldo

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo is also about healing. Letting go of those things that no longer are in your best interest. The fears, insecurities, and illusions (Neptune) that hold us back from the fullness of Jupiter in Virgo need to be released. Jupiter in Virgo asks us to be clear and detailed about what we wish to manifest in the world. Or it may be calling us to a higher calling in a healing profession. Whatever the Eclipse is for you, it is important to pay attention to this eclipse as it is next to the North Node, which propels us on our destiny.

On September 16th, we also have a partial Lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Pisces. This will illuminate our dreams for us so we begin to know more fully where we are headed. Perhaps if you’ve been letting go of old wounds or fears, this time will culminate with the full moon. Creativity will abound, giving us the inspiration and ideas to further our life’s purpose. Put this together with all the detailed review of the Mercury Retrograde and the identification with our life’s purpose via the Solar Eclipse with the North Node in Virgo and we are all set to really move forward with our dream path in life. Something that makes a difference in the world. Perhaps something healing, perhaps something creative. Something that is the real you doing what you do best. Embrace the changes within with Pisces while actively working the details and hard work in the outer world with Virgo and you will see wonderful results in your life and in the world!


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