March 2015- Transformation

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March 2015 Conscious Shift Magazine
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Conscious Shift Magazine March 2015


Hello and welcome to March 2015 and Conscious transformation. Transformation is more than change it’s a conscious choice to turn something that is not working into something that will. Its about stepping into the grandest version of your greatest vision and making the distinctions and choices to get you there.


When you transform something you don’t get rid of it you simply change it by looking at it different. Sounds like a trick right? Well in a way it is. You have to trick your beliefs, your thoughts and sometimes behaviors so you can experience things differently. Eventually you will see it differently and can then take action to back that transformed belief.


For example ordering pizza at McDonalds.  You could go to McDonalds and order pizza. Chances are you’re not going to get pizza. You could go there day after day insisting on pizza and never walk away with a pizza. Its not personal they just don’t make pizza. You could do this for weeks or years and get nothing until one day and you venture into a pizza place and ask for pizza. Guess what happens next? Did you guess? You get a pizza.


What changed? Did the golden arches shine on you and grant McPizza? No something better, you transformed. You asked a better question in a better place and got what you were asking for, pizza.


If doing what you have always done is not getting you what you want then its time to do something different. Its time to transform, time to think different thoughts, ask better questions, and live where what you seek is plentiful.



Seems transformation is in the air. Instead of chasing lizards or working out in the gym Neo is busy transforming his work week into perpetual nap time with Jasmine his BFF.

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This months Conscious Shifter is Temple Hayes. Temple Hayes is the spiritual leader at First Unity located in St Petersburg ,Fl.  Tune into our conversation and see how Temple is Consciously Shifting the Community.
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Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern

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