March 2016- Making Peace with Your War

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Welcome to the March 2016 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine and Making Peace with Your War.

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fotolia © leisuretime70

March 2016- Conscious Shift Magazine

Making Peace with Your War

Making peace with Your war sounds like an oxymoron and I love a good oxymoron. They remind us of  the humorous contradicts in life.  Things like Jumbo Shrimp, Awfully Good, Short Line, Military Intelligence and Extra Large. My favorite oxymoron though is Peaceful Warrior. While its not a funny oxymoron it makes you think by conjuring up all sorts of  mental images and thoughts.

When I was younger I thrived on the thought of being a warrior. I was going to be the first female fighter pilot and then rule the world by the age of 25. I was in Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the Air Force, and J.R.O.T.C. I loved the movie Taps and the idea of dying young for a cause.

Then around the age of twenty battle and war lost its shine.  I became very ill and everything changed in an instant.  Instead of fighting a war on the battlefield I went to war with me. My battlefield was my body and I was fighting a  war with a brain tumor.

My weapon of choice for this epic battle was the allopathic medical community. This choice then lead to grueling treatments that quite literally did battle in my body. After my war on cancer was over the side effects of battle led to ten more years of a war on depression, then a war on obesity and after that a war on hearing loss.  It never stopped until one day I just said no.

One day I realized that the warrior in me wanted peace and first time I understood what the pushing against all of these “diseases” was the war. That healing would never come and I would never make peace with my war or any war as long as I was fighting against something. The more I pushed the more I created resistance to the very thing I was fighting to receive. In this case health.

It was this shift in my understanding that led me to make peace with my war by becoming a spiritual warrior. To go within because that’s where my healing would be found and where peace would begin. I learned that finding a cure or making  peace with war, any war, is about listening to your inner voice and following your heart because it knows your truth better than any expert in their field could ever possibly hope to.

Making peace with war is about knowing that more will be gained by releasing your resistance instead of holding on to it. The spiritual warrior in you knows this and knows its time to make peace with your war.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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