March 2019- Knowing Who You Are

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Being the You That You Were Born to Be



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Do You Know Who You Are?

Seems like a straightforward question to ask. Yet this straightforward question can lead to an uncomfortable thought and feeling because it requires us to actually ask and then think about who we really are.  I will admit it’s not something we often talk about at dinner parties or social events.  In fact, I have found that this question is usually avoided at all costs.  We just don’t want to think about who we are and if we do, we definitely don’t want to share it…with anyone…like ever.

So it seems to me that the unwillingness to examination one’s self is buried deep in fear. It’s as though our version of who we are has been so tainted by life’s experiences that we have shut off self-examination and therefore self-awareness.

Now ask a five-year-old to tell you who they are, and they will go on for a minimum of twenty minutes. They know who they are and what they are going to be when they grow up. They tell you this in detail because the five-year-old still trusts what they know about themselves. They then focus that trust on what could be.  You could say that a five-year-old is more focused than the average adult when it comes to answering the question “Do You Know Who You Are?”

How do I know this? Well I was once five and I remember knowing that I could be or do anything.  I also remember that my belief was feared out of me by the time I was fifteen.  Fear combined with environmental “shoulding” left me with the inability to focus or trust my inner knowing.

Fast forward to today and I am just now understanding that I am the most trustworthy person I know. For years I chose the cloak of fear that made it possible for me to mistrust me.  It was the cloak of fear that led to seeking others for expert advice on me.  I had a PhD in going without. In fact, I spent so much time and money on all the experts’ advice that I could have paid for a PhD.

Why did I do this? That’s simple. I didn’t trust myself enough to ask me who I was or what I needed.  I kept looking to others to tell me who I was because if I asked me, I might actually realize I didn’t need the “expert” opinion. If I asked me, I might really find the answer and then I would have no choice but to trust it and where would that lead?  To mayhem and debauchery for the status quo.

The most interesting thing about knowing who you are is that it freaks people out. It freaks them out because knowing yourself requires others to see that there is an option. That there is a whole new way to look at life and that’s scary because it will require them to see you and themselves differently.  Knowing who you are makes you visionary.

So, the next time someone asks you who you are, remember your five-year-old self and tell them exactly who you are and who you came here to be.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Knowing Who You Are.

Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern

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