March 2020- It’s Safe…

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Life can be scary and at times feel like a crap shoot.  In fact, if you watch the news, follow politics, or engage in the events happening in the world around you, I’m certain the thought that life is scary not only feels true but is confirmed on a regular basis.

But what if we took those feelings and Consciously Shifted them. What if instead of feeling like we live in a crap shoot we viewed life and the world around us as safe?  What if It’s Safe to…, live, feel grounded, be comfortable with the unknown, dream the impossible, provide for any and all needs that arise, and just enjoy the journey. What if we looked at life this way and the fear began to melt away? How would that feel? How would that change your view or broaden the thought around It’s Safe To…?

For the majority of my life I have lived in full on fear alert.  I learned fear living at a young age.  As I became older, I continued to live in fear mode because it was the only way I knew how to be.

Living in fear mode for a long period of time required me to justify its existence and over the years I became masterful at manifesting fear.  I created illness and drama in epic proportions.  I created self induced near death experiences, hearing loss, weight gain and loss, migraines, financial calamity, and relationship catastrophes to name a few.

Then one day I realized the madness of my fear creation.  I was so good at fear creation that I cut off my life, my purpose, and most importantly my joy.  My fear creation was destroying all the possibility that had been right in front of me. Essentially, I was creating the problem and I was doing it to prove that it was not safe when in fact it was.  Did you catch that? It was all me, it was all my choice.

I had become a master of fear and self sabotage. I made certain I never really acknowledged a single accomplishment in life.  Anything I started, that I was really good at, I found a solid reason to quit and if I didn’t quit, I denied my ability to focus and became a total flake about the project, whatever the project was.  Basically, I had become a “fearful doing” instead of a human being.

So how did I overcome this you ask? Well for starters please don’t assume I’m over it.  I still have my moments only now they are less than more. For the first time in my 40 some years I am not afraid of knowing there is no destination just the serendipitous process of the journey. And the process of that journey is very exciting. I feel like the kid I never got to be. I feel like I could fly as I am filled with the knowing that It’s Safe To…

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