March 2021- Imagine

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Welcome to the March 2021 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.


March 2021

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Imagine for a moment that there is no heaven or hell.  No earth below us and above us only sky.  Imagine if we all lived for right now. If we just lived for today?  Ok so these are not my original words, I have John Lennon to thank. They are however original thoughts if you take a moment to let yourself be free to Imagine what is possible for you.

Imagining what is possible will put you in the category of being a dreamer.  For some of us this is amazing and for others it’s just not possible because our world likes for us to fall into worldly alignment and behave and act accordingly.   Do what the neighbor does. Keep your head down. Don’t ask questions and don’t think about thinking for yourself.

Ok so I may have gone a bit overboard however in my heart this is what living in the “accepted” version of our world feels like to me.  Imagine only what you have been shown and get comfortable with the perimeters as they have been laid out.

At a very young age I knew this was not going to work for me.  I Imagined a world spilling over with free expression and creativity.  I truly believed there were no limit because I knew I could fly.

Then I turned 5 and everything got uncomfortably real.  

You see those around me had forgotten to Imagine.  In fact, they had forgotten so much so that fear had them by the neck and all they could offer me was an expanded version of their fear.  Like others I became controlled by the fear of my world.

For years I struggled holding on to my dreams by continuing to Imagine what could be. Then one day it paid off.  One day all the clouds of control lifted, and I saw clearly all that I was all that I had Imagined.

I had worked through the fear and found my personal freedom.  I found uplifting joy and happiness that made my soul sing.

Once I began to really feel this. Once I began to Imagine what could be again, I realized I always had it in me. It never left me, I left it, I buried it when I stopped Imagining.   This realization was like a giant puzzle for me as it all came together at once. Like I had been staring at the puzzle pieces all my life and in one fail swoop they all connected and became the full picture.

It was in that moment that I realized I have always been free. I always Imagined that there was no hell below me, and that my life was nothing but a creation of what I choose to Imagine.

My life was only sky.

Yes, there have been moments when I lost my way by handing over my view, but I never gave up.  I just Imagined as hard as I could, and life began to unfold differently.  Sometimes it unfolded exactly as I wanted it to and sometimes not so perfectly. When it was not so perfect, I worked through what I created until I got closer to what I authentically Imagined.

Today, as I Imagine what I would like my life to be I only see possibility.  I Imagine my life as I choose it and not as the world would like me to see it.  As I Imagine more, I create more of what I choose.  The more I am in a place of creating Conscious choice the bigger I Imagine.

The bigger I Imagine the better life gets. The better life gets the more I Imagine and so on.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Imagine…

Tracey R. Kern
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