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Joy To The Max

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These days I focus on these things. No more long-term goals. No 20-year plans. In 20 years I don’t expect to be hanging out on this earth plane. That’s not hard to say. I still want to do some things but, increasingly, death becomes an acceptable eventuality.

And given that fact, I feel the pressure cooker that is my mind decompress. Peace melts in my heart like chocolate, comforting my fatigue. “It’s all OK,” I now hear. “Enjoy this moment.”

I nap or watch TV or read someone else’s words about her life experience. This opportunity to be a human blows me away. I can do whatever I want with my time and my energy. And it’s all OK. Whatever I choose is OK.

So, I choose joy in this moment. I can’t receive joy if I’m not home to myself so I release thoughts about the past, resentments, self-doubts, and anything unsettled from more than ten minutes ago. This moment is better than that one so I choose aliveness this moment.

I choose hope and optimism. Why not? Maybe I can’t have what I want but maybe I can. And what a kick that would be to choose a miracle and then to actually receive one!! Doctors can be such downers but when I expect perfect health and count on it and practice a perfect-health-consciousness, there’s a chance I’ll experience perfect health! That’s a chance I want to take.

Life is good today but maybe tomorrow it will be great. I’m available to receive more. And more and more and more. Not more clutter, though. More healing, more self-acceptance, more friendship, more creativity, and more self-expression.

I want to be me more! I only have a couple decades left to play at being.


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