May 2015- What is Spirituality?

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Welcome to Conscious Shift May 2015.

Thank you for joining us as we venture down the rabbit hole of spirituality.

Spirituality. What exactly does it mean? According to Merriam-Webster,spirituality is the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters: the quality or state of being spiritual. says spirituality is the quality or state of being spiritual.  Then there is Wikipedia’s definition, my personal favorite: spirituality is the praxis and process of personal transformation, not to be confused with spiritualism.

Well that clears it up doesn’t it?   After looking up all these possible definitions, the one thing I know for sure is that there is no defining spirituality and to be very honest, I had suspected this all along.

For me, spirituality has always been about how to connect with the world. It’s about living mindfully, aware of yourself and others while still being able to be blissfully mindless when the moment presents itself.

Spirituality is not about following religious doctrine or obsessive rituals any more than it is about creating a “right” or “wrong”. Spirituality is and has always been about noticing connectedness while respecting individuality. When I think of how to define spirituality I think of a strong yet finely woven fabric that is flexible and filled with love and acceptance.

What’s your definition of spirituality?

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Spirituality to Neo is basking in the hot sun for hours while in a deep Zen meditation… Ok maybe he’s just sleeping but Ive never seen anything like it. A black cat that can’t get enough sun.
Neo-Zen lotus pose.
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This month we Shifted with Rev. Julie Moret, PhD down the rabbit hole of Consciousness boot camp possibility.

Rev Julie is author of Whats your What? due out this month. Visit our book corner for details.


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Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility. 

Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern

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