May 2016- How Full Is Your Glass?

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May 2016

How Do You See The Glass?


Glass of water on wooden table over blue skyWelcome to the May 2016 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine as we venture into possibility this month with a question.

When you wake up each morning do you say “YES I get to be alive another day!” or do you wake up thinking, oh no not again.  If you said, “YES I get to be alive another day!” chances are you see life as an exciting adventure and your glass is normally half full.  If you said “Oh no not again.” more than likely your glass is not only half empty it feels bone dry.

Its important to remember that what we focus and how we feel affects our world and our place in it.  Our thoughts and attitudes have a direct effect on the level of fullness in our glass and the height of spring in our step.

Here is an example of viewing the glass as not just half full but overflowing…

There was a little boy that lived on a farm and each day he had specific chores to do.  On the days when he was given the task of cleaning out the horse barn he got excited. In fact he got so excited each time he had to clean out the barn that his family became concerned.  No one could understand why he enjoyed shoveling manure each week, and with such glee. Finally they asked him why shoveling manure excited him so?  His response, ” With all that poo in there I just know I’m gonna find a pony some day.”

With that being said the Conscious and Shifting challenge of the month is to ask yourself, “Am I shoveling  poo or am I focused on finding the pony”?

Remember what you focus on expands, so always focus on a glass overflowing, and a life worth jumping out of bed for.


Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.

Peace & Joy

Tracey R Kern


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