May 2017- Living Empowered

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You Are Your Own Personal Authority

Are you living empowered or are you looking to others for empowerment? The definition of empower is as follows: em·pow·er – to give (someone) the authority or power to do something. If you are living according to this definition then you are allowing others to point the way by filling you up with their “something”.

If you are Living Empowered then maybe it’s possible you are taking in what the environment around you is providing, and using that information to make a better decision. This can be a hard one to separate if you don’t know who you are; if you are not willing to go within for your empowerment.

There have been many times in my life when I could not distinguish between someone’s empowering intent and Living Empowered. When I was in my mid 20’s I lost a considerable amount of my hearing. It was devastating and scary to say the least. I felt powerless and allowed myself to rely on all the experts to empower this issue.

In the end, the answer was to get hearing aids. I was told that this would only work to enhance sound and I “should” forget about sound quality. Music was gone, movies in a theater became a thing of the past and forget about plays or other theatrical performances. Over time, even with the hearing aids, I became isolated and eventually couldn’t even manage a decent phone conversation.

Life went on like this for a good six years until one day I decided no more. I reclaimed my choice and started to Live Empowered. Instead of giving someone else the power to tell me how this would go, I decided this was a blessing and I would approach it as such.

One of the blessings of not hearing everything is that I have to ask people to repeat themselves. How is this a blessing? It forces people to look at me when they talk and requires me to pay attention. In other words, conversations with me result in a genuine connection. Another benefit is that I do not catch the negative babble or mindless complaining of others. On the occasion that someone is extra loud about their complaints I simply choose to turn my hearing down.

Over the years, technology has improved and thanks to a very powerful set of digital hearing aids combined with Bluetooth technology, I am having phone conversations again. Today I go to plays and I started listening to music again. The music is still tough and everything sounds like Bruno Mars, but I’m listening.

When I think about this experience I count it as one of my blessings. It has and continues to show me how Living Empowered is Conscious and Shifting.




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