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Physical fitness is achieved by living a healthy lifestyle: eating nutritional foods, exercising regularly, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding things like stress, drugs, and alcohol. It requires an awareness of what you are doing and how you are doing it.  How then, is mental fitness achieved? Pretty much the same way.

Starting with a fit body is a good start, but mental fitness is about the predominant thoughts and emotions. And just as the body needs nutritional food, the mind needs nourishing thoughts.  If you feed your body junk food, you get unappealing results.  You feel sluggish and dull. You get the same results if you feed your mind junk: blaming others, harboring grudges, constantly putting yourself down with judgmental and self-defeating mental chatter.  Instead, if you hold a high self-esteem with thoughts filled with self-acceptance, self-love and accepting thoughts about others, you feel better.  Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in alleviating negative emotions and clearing the loops of self-destructive chatter that keep you mentally unfit.

Do you need to heal a wounded part of yourself?

And what about exercise? You may run five miles a day, but what about exercising your mind? Are you keeping your edge by working crossword or jigsaw puzzles, or perhaps Sudoku? Keeping your mind engaged in supportive mental activities can give you a sense of accomplishment as opposed to indulging in an endless stream of internal dialogue; like puzzling about getting back at that co-worker you think threw you under the bus. Do you need to heal a wounded part of yourself that’s keeping you mired in attack thoughts?  Hypnotherapy has many ways to help that wounded part to release the pain and feel better.

Plenty of rest is a component of our physical fitness equation and it must be included in our mental fitness equation as well, but let’s take it a step further. Certainly adequate sleep is needed, but mental rest is also important.  Hypnotherapy can help you release the negative mental chatter flooding your mind and achieve a state of positive feelings that you can return to easily.  One simple way is to create an anchor and trigger so you can quickly bring yourself back in alignment with supporting and pleasant thoughts and regain a peaceful mindset even in the midst of a chaotic day.  It’s like corralling your thoughts instead of allowing them to run wild like a pack of hyenas on the Serengeti.

             Some people wear stress like a badge of honor

Then there’s one of the biggest hurdles to being mentally fit. Stress. It’s so prevalent in our society, so accepted, that being stressed is used as a viable excuse for poor decisions and destructive behavior.  Some people wear stress like a badge of honor, as if they think they’re somehow better, smarter or more important than others because they are “so stressed”.  It’s like they’re junkies strung out and waiting for their next crisis to get their fix.  These are the people who don’t want to hear that being stressed is a choice. Just like all the other components on our list, you choose to be stressed just like you choose to eat well or go to the gym.

Given that stress is simply the effect we feel concerning the circumstances in our lives, then when we feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, misunderstood and have attachments to the way that people behave or to the outcome of an event and then things don’t go our way, we feel stressed. Therefore, the answer lies in learning to detach from the way we think others should act, and give up our need to have only our desired results in any situation. You can learn how to create and maintain a sense of detachment. Not disinterest, but detachment. Interest can be maintained in something without being stressed about it. Again, the stress occurs when we attach importance or negatively view a person or experience instead of accepting that things do not always turn out the way we’d like. This is another area where hypnotherapy is quite successful in assisting people to step into a new way of being, into trusting themselves and others and maintaining a mentally healthy balance between their desires and the way things are.

Finally, avoid drugs and alcohol as they dull the mind. If you need help to curb excessive drinking or stop any addiction, consider hypnotherapy. Since it can help you alleviate the emotional attachments to the undesired and destructive behavior, it can help you quickly experience relief.



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