Movement Along the Emotional Scale

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March 2015

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What does transformation mean to you?  Is it perceived as living another way because you are not happy with the one you are currently in, or do you perceive it as an opportunity for growth?  Either way, transformation is alchemizing the current thought system into a new pattern.

First of all, figuring out why transformation is called upon must be dealt with internally.  Let’s take our emotions into consideration here.  Emotions are simply energy in motion.  They are living forms of life energy.  They are as real as the trees that surround us, or the loving families we embrace.   Everything and everyone is energy.  We are holographic images of the broad Universal projection.  We are 99% empty space.  All of our empty space is filled with intelligent life force.  Just as we look upon the sky with awe and wonder, we can look upon ourselves in the same way because we are a reflection.

All of our emotions and perceptions are drawn upon our experiences in life.  Each and every one of us reacts to them in different ways depending on those variables.  All of our emotions can be visualized as a long vertical line representing different aspects on a scale.

Think of despair being at one end, and bliss being on the other.  In between you have sadness, anger, jealousy, doubt, boredom, optimism, appreciation etc.  They all come from the same emotional scale, but are felt differently in the body.

How does anger feel in the body?  Not so good.  Perhaps we feel our jaws clenching or our breath increasing in intensity.  Our bodies feel like they are filling up with a vortex of energy that wants to explode.  We start to shake and then BOOM, it all comes out in a vengeful missile directed towards ourselves or someone else.  We, along with the other person feel the impact of this super sonic BOOM.  Make no mistake, the words are felt by both party’s cells in the same manner as if we were literally hit by the missile.  The missile and the words are both felt.  The only difference is that the words are not seen, but certainly felt.  They are both energy sources and are one in the same.  The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me” depends on two variables.  How intense those words are when thrown in our direction, and where we are on the emotional scale when being hit.  If we, or the other person is strong willed and have no attachment to those words, then we are able to dismiss those words and not be affected by them.   I am a true believer in the power of words, but even more so, where we and others are on the emotional scale at that moment in time.  Be careful with words as they are as sharp as the knife that slices.

What are some ways to get in tune with the emotional scale?  Well, there is one thing for certain.  We know when we are angry because our bodies will tell us.  The first thing to do when we feel this is to identify that we are feeling this way.  If you are in the midst of an argument, get out of the way.  I mean this literally, emotionally and physically.  Take yourself out of the situation and into a space by yourself.  Take a few deep breaths to get the blood circulating again.  Your body has just gone into a fight or flight stance in which all the blood flows from your “thinking brain” to your muscles preparing for you for attack.  All the energy is now in your muscles as it prepares to take flight and run.  So, here is where you can transform the energy of the anger for your benefit and get rid of it.  Start jumping up and down while shaking your arms.  Visualize all that anger leaving through your fingertips and going down into the ground.   Sounds crazy?  Well, not as crazy as shooting a missile at someone else with your words and tone.

The next thing to do is forgive yourself and the other person.  Forgiveness is the key.  Without forgiveness in the heart, the cells will remember the anger.  Forgiveness will transform the anger onto a higher level on the emotional scale.  Visualize yourself as a tuning fork every time you feel low on the scale.  You are the instrument with the power to tune yourself.  Once you get in tune with this idea, the Universal laws of synchronicity and abundance will flow easier into life.  Believe, allow faith, and start feeling better.

Start taking charge of your energy.  Exercising, eating more fruits and veggies, and having gratitude is a great start.  Be aware of people, places and things in your life.  How do they make you feel?  If one of those makes you feel bad, “own it, then hone it.”  You are the one responsible for the energy you bring into a room.  If you understand this, you also understand that you have the power to change it.  Exercise will help move things along and increase energy.  Lightening up your foods will energize your body on a deep cellular level.  Gratitude will transform your low vibrational energy and move it forward on the emotional scale, also on a deep cellular level.  Keep moving physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Just keep moving while staying in the state of gratitude.

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