My Creative Gift

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What is My Creative Gift?

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Creativity is a process that makes it possible for us to build and reinvent. We create to tell a story and give to another.

Do you need help being a creator and creating? The 5th house of your natal chart, ruled by the planet Sun, can help. This house rules pleasures, recreation, romance, children, and yes, creativity – which extends to all creative activities, events, and interests. Determining what your creative gift is, we note the sign that rules the 5th house and any planets that are situated there:



Aries (Mars) directive, energy, initiation, motivation

Taurus (Venus) arts, beauty, law/litigation, money, partnerships

Gemini (Mercury) communication, education, siblings

Cancer (Moon) emotions, home, mother

Leo (Sun) children, creativity, romance, relationships.

Virgo (Mercury) duties, health, servants, work

Libra (Venus) balance, justice, law, partnerships, science

Scorpio (Mars) business, healing, research

Sagittarius (Jupiter) adventure, sports, philosophy, teaching

Capricorn (Saturn) government, traditions, public, work

Aquarius (Saturn/Uranus) friends, networking, technology

Pisces (Jupiter) foreign travel, karma, service, spirituality



Also, consider the house that the sign ruler is in, as well as any aspects that the planet makes. This will give you a better understanding of how creativity is experienced in your life.

For example, if you have Pisces, which is ruled by planet Jupiter and rules the 12th house of foreign travel, karma, service and spirituality and/or if you have planet Jupiter here, your creative gift is your intuitive ability to access the secret world of healing. The karma in this house pertains to you, on a personal level, and the world at large. In particular, with regards to higher studies, the church, religion and spirituality.

The story of Jesus is important here. Before Jesus could be part of the world, he had to contend with himself. There were many interferences and temptations that met him along the way whether alone or with the world. A Jesus/Judas battle between you and someone else, including the world at large, has likely taken place. You have had to “take on” the sacrifices and sins of another. You were “called out” as well as cast aside. If you don’t tend to this karma, you’ll be overtaken by the unconscious and fall into the realm of addiction. This is where the glyph of Pisces, two fish bound and swimming in opposite directions, becomes valuable. Here, you must make communion through unified acts of service.

Some ways you can reach your creative gift through this house is by connecting with your intuitive ability, reconsidering your religious and spiritual beliefs, perhaps forming a new body of knowledge, and serving others who are in situations of confinement or illness – particularly in a foreign country. You’ll find that you are most creative when you’re serving in some capacity and able to help another recover the legacy of their life. This is a house of redemption. Those house issues that are presented will be redeemed.

Creativity brings joy to us. The warmth and generosity of the sun in this house illuminates our creative works and supports the ideas of future generations to come.






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