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fotolia © Kenishirotie

fotolia © Kenishirotie

Sometimes in our life we meet people who make us feel good, care about us and love us. Other times we meet people who hurt us, irritate us, and make us angry. The first category of people brings the best out of us, and highlights our strength. The second category of people indicates areas, which require healing and improvement. However, we would rather react in a negative way rather than look inside of us to realize what area needs healing.

Guess what?

First of all,  we are responsible for attracting certain type of people into our life. If someone comes to your life this person comes for a reason. When we experience a negative situation with someone our nature is to blame that person. We tend to focus on hate, complain and hold negative feelings towards people. From a spiritual perspective anyone who comes into our life makes us better people, and sometimes we become better through facing our weaknesses and ourselves. We can watch our feelings and emotions in order to see what they are showing us, and work on emotional healing.

There are different ways of approaching emotional healing. You can simply write down all the emotions you feel, than sit down quietly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on one emotion at a time. Start with the most appealing one. Find the emotion in your body, see what color it is, what shape it is, and watch it. Facing an emotion is healing. When you sit with the emotion, you face it and you release it. For example, Karen keeps meeting men that leave her after dating her for sometime. Instead of blaming these men, she sits down, and writes what comes to her mind; in her case,  it is the word ‘abandon’. After that she goes back to her childhood, and remembers her father leaving her mother. All she has been doing is recreating ‘being abandoned’ in her life.

Second, we are not in the shoes of that person and we will never be able to understand that person. People that hurt other people are crying out loud for love and this is the only way for them to express it.

Third, when we carry hate and negative thoughts about other people we are creating new diseases for ourselves. All the negative emotions inside of us will either form into diseases and/or  attract more negativity into our life.

Last, if you have resistance it means it is time for healing. It is easier to just ignore emotions, and much harder to face them, especially when they are the painful ones.


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