New Year’s Magic: Riding the Waves for Success

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Find and keep your balance this year by knowing your intention and trusting your intuition.

fotolia  © Nomad_Soul

fotolia © Nomad_Soul

With the bright new energy of a fresh year, where is your focus and what are your intentions? The energy of 2015 was intense, but has propelled us to new levels of how our dreams can become reality.

Through my work as a life coach, I have come to understand how a more powerful energy of change is created when you use your heart’s intentions, rather than just setting goals.

As we partner with our heart’s desires we harness a strong energy that can propel us to live in a new way. This balances inner-feminine connected to self and the Universe, our spiritual side (right brain), and the masculine inspired doing, action, our human side (left brain).

As the New Year begins, many proclaim they want more overall balance or are seeking more balance in a specific part of their life.

Looking more deeply into your own life there is probably an area you can find where you are not taking as much time as you should for yourself.

Or you haven’t stopped to assess how you are eating, or what relationship isn’t working for you, or where you are losing energy in activities that used to feed you, or where you now need to say no.

The word balance is almost a dreaded word to many as it may cause us to feel badly about ourselves with all there is to “balance” living in our world.

How do you balance outside chaotic energy, difficult situations, or the disturbing events that occur in our world? How does that affect you and how do you come into inner peace and balance? How do you balance your self care with your To Do List? How do you balance work and home life?

There’s a bit of a secret to the balance question. Magic is created when you acknowledge that balance is like riding a surfboard on the waves.

You need to adjust for the swells and the hollow — the ups and the downs. Balance is continually adjusted. Life is like this too. Count on it – this is how it will be.

It’s important to check in with yourself, often. Be present in the moment. If you have set an intention to have a healthy body, ask your body, “What would be beneficial for me to feel good today?”

Being aware and conscious of how you are feeling when you are ready to “feed” your body is important.

fotolia © T. L. Furrer

fotolia © T. L. Furrer


Another secret: How you word your intention is important.

If you say, “I will easily enjoy eating healthy foods on a daily basis” – this kind of intention brings success and balance without the guilt.

The words ‘easily enjoy’ focus the energy of your intentions in a way as to create movement. (Of course knowing which foods are healthy, having them available, etc. is the doing part of your intention.)

The energies in 2015 were intense to move us forward and release what was holding us back. These energies are flowing into 2016. We have accelerated support from the heavens and are opening to more light. Much will unfold quickly if we can ride the waves and watch for the currents. As you ride the waves and “balance”, you’ll find that creativity and opportunities will abound.

Be discerning and truly follow your intuition.

As you successfully ride the waves of daily life, it means you have an inner core of stability (balance). You manage your energy by relaxing, going inward, slowing down by laying down on the surf board, then standing up and really moving forward as each wave rolls out underneath you. The ride begins with a focus on what you really want in your life, for your body and of your relationships. This may continue to change.

It’s time to ride the waves more joyfully, letting go of the past tainted with guilt, shame, or should-haves.

If you want to make the New Year different:

  • Connect to your heart’s whisperings
  • Create intentions for positive adjustments in the New Year,
  • Be prepared to roll with the waves of everyday life …



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