Ninety-One Beautiful Things

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There is no universal way to describe what is beautiful to everyone. Beauty is subjective, unique to each individual. Two people may see or experience the same thing either at the same time or at different times and they will probably have completely different perspectives.

In honor of our uniqueness, I have created a list of 91 things I consider beautiful expressions. These may not be beautiful to you and that’s ok. I hope you will think about what you have seen or experienced that is beautiful to you.


Here is my list in random order…

1. The music from a 8 year olds piano recital
2. An unexpected poem
3. Volunteering to help a local charity even when you’re busy
4. Watching a mother patiently walk up and down the street with her newborn because her newborn is fussy
5. A word spoken in kindness, even when angry
6. Buying food for the local food drive
7. Helping someone reach something from the highest grocery store shelf
8. Actually having a good time at the big family reunion
9. Wild flowers growing through a broken and forgotten fence
10. A sincere letter of apology
11. Seeing your spouse more dressed up than usual
12. Seeing your spouse in sweats and a holey shirt and it still makes you smile
13. A hug when you need it most
14. Participating in a child’s education
15. Paying the toll for the person behind you when you drive through a toll booth
16. Watching someone bravely deliver their first public speech even though they were afraid
17. An elderly couple slowly walking hand in hand
18. A teacher who spends her own money to buy supplies for her students
19. A teenager who starts a fundraising project or can collecting project to help his/her community or school
20. Paying for another person’s meal at a restaurant
21. Homemade cards
22. Watching someone stretch themselves and do things that others only talk about
23. Offering to wash a neighbor’s dog
24. Reaching out a hand to help someone else
25. Catching someone doing something right
26. Seeing 2 people selflessly discovering what it means to be in love
27. Complimenting someone else in front of their peers or family
28. Laughing
29. A pleasantly unexpected monetary gift
30. Seeing someone bravely face an overwhelming fear and become even stronger for it
31. A full face to face conversation without a cell phone in sight
32. Patiently listening to an elderly person share memories of the past
33. Picking up trash in your neighborhood
34. A life celebration for someone who has passed
35. A note in a lunch box or bag
36. A letter of appreciation for a teacher
37. Being honest when someone asks your opinion
38. Helping someone whose car has broken down
39. Patiently teaching someone to ride a bike
40. Inviting someone to share a holiday meal
41. Watching someone put their arm around a homeless person
42. Less complaining and more enjoying
43. Sharing a vibrant sunset with someone
44. Switching seats with someone on a plane so a family can sit together
45. A canoe ride with someone on a sunny day
46. Babysitting for free so new parent(s) can have a night out
47. Asking someone about their culture or nationality and listening
48. Two people walking with a little one swinging with their feet up in between them
49. Adopting a pet
50. Playing catch
51. Reaching out to mend a relationship
52. A compliment to someone in front of his/her boss
53. A beach/park cleanup project
54. Doing something that’s been put off for too long
55. A mother’s constant love for and availability to her children
56. Giving someone the correct directions
57. A visit with an old friend
58. Handing out popsicles to the neighborhood kids (and some grownups)
59. Recycling
60. Allowing someone else to take the parking space
61. Children’s story time at the local library
62. Not gossiping
63. Volunteers willing to help after a natural disaster
64. Watching a little girl or a little boy play a sport for the first time
65. Giving up your seat for someone else to sit down
66. Seeing someone being pushed on the swing
67. Allowing someone to go ahead of you in line
68. Watching someone bend down in dress clothes to pick up something out of the dirt for someone else
69. Mowing a neighbor’s yard
70. Planning a surprise party for someone
71. Sharing an umbrella
72. Donating clothes or shoes to help families in local shelters
73. Only giving advice when you’re asked (respect for others)
74. Giving someone a ride
75. Generous gifts that don’t cost any money
76. Shoveling snow for a neighbor
77. Giving flowers for no reason
78. Watching an athlete helping another athlete across the finish line after a fall
79. The life of someone who constantly gives what she has to help others
80. Volunteering to pet sit
81. An extra large tip for a waiter or waitress
82. Helping someone with a home improvement project
83. A handmade quilt
84. Forgiveness
85. Planting a tree in honor or memory of someone
86. A much needed backrub
87. Spending time
88. Reaching out to a long lost friend
89. Thank you notes you actually send
90. Making someone laugh
91. Unconditional love from my grandmother

I see beauty when I see people helping each other without expecting anything in return. I hope this has inspired you to create more beautiful experiences in your world.

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