Notice the Flow

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A Conscious Moment with Sandy Schell

fotolia © patpitchaya

I’m headed along the path towards the creek this morning. The creek is one of my favorite places to go. It’s always fun discovering what unknown gifts this daily journey holds.

The path towards the creek is sometimes a bit winding and obscure. When I’m lost in my thoughts it can be difficult to discern the subtle cues of the best way forward, though when I quiet my mind, the path becomes more clear and easy to traverse.

Some days it seems I float along the path without my feet even touching the ground. Other days, I have to give more focused effort to quieting my ever-busy mind in order to stay the course to the magic of the creek ahead.

Every visit to the creek is different. Today as I arrive I see the water is flowing well. I am greeted by many beautiful creatures in the clear water.  The warmth of the morning sun is delightful on my skin. I enjoy this part of my day.

As I meander along the creek, I experience many things, all of them pleasing.

Watching the sun bounce off the water, making all sorts of interesting colors. Picking up stones to discover the gifts revealed underneath them. Hearing the sounds of the water gently moving along, feeling it tickling my toes.

I am soothed and excited by all the discoveries made during my visits to the creek, with every visit bringing forth new joyful pleasures that set the tone for my day ahead.

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