November 2014-Defining Beauty

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November 2014-Conscious Shift Magazine

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Defining Beauty


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or that’s what they say.

If this is true than there is no way to define it.  Think about it like this, no two people see the exact same thing when looking at…well anything, it’s just not possible. We each have different life experiences and opinions that have created the window we see the world thru.  Its the view thru the windows that creates our perception about things, in this case beauty.

For years the view out my window showed me as obese and extremely hard on the eyes. I wished that I were thinner and more attractive. Everything I viewed from my window, conversations, media, social influences, and family all focused on how you looked. I began to understand that if I did not posses this perfect look of “beauty” I was not beautiful.

These influences on the view thru my window resulted in me handing over my beauty to the perceptions of others.  It took years to realize this but when I finally cleaned the window I began to see the distortion. If I kept looking to others for a definition of beauty I would never find my own.

I now understand that Beauty comes from within and is most valuable when perceived by you for you.  In my window beauty is more about the shine of your smile, the quality of your actions and the depth of compassion engrained in the words you speak. At least that’s what my eyes look for when viewing beauty thru my window.  This Thanksgiving take a moment to be thankful for the amazing gift of beauty you have always had inside you.  You might be surprised at what your eyes behold.

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving Neo’s already pulling up a chair and waiting for turkey dinner.


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Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern
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