November 2015-The Power of Appreciation

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November 2015Hello Conscious Shifters and welcome to the November 2015 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.

This month we venture down the rabbit hole of possibility with understanding the Power of Appreciation.

Appreciation is powerful and often overlooked because it’s so closely related to being thankful, but make no mistakes appreciation is a powerhouse….


Appreciation is more about recognizing the little or simple thing and being grateful for them. Appreciation is one of your most powerful tools of creating possibility because it allows you to re-frame a hard or unwanted situation into a gift you will be eternally thankful for.


Since the age of 28 I have worn hearing aids. I am considered to have profound hearing loss with a 90% hearing loss in the left ear and 60% loss in the right.


The first time I was told I would have to wear hearing aids in both ears, the big over the ear hearing aids, I cried for days.  I wanted nothing to do with hearing aids and felt completely victimized all over again by the illness that caused the hearing loss to begin with. It took years for me to come to grips with the amount of hearing loss I had actually experienced.


Fast forward to my present state of appreciation.


I have the most amazing hearing aids.   I appreciate my hearing aids and the incredible technology that is available today.  I can hear sounds that I have not heard in years. I have a blue tooth system that puts my phone right in my ear. What an amazing Shift I so appreciate every new detailed sound that comes thru.


I also appreciate the ability to turn them down or even off.  I appreciate not having to hear loud or disturbing noises.  If I choose to work or read in a busy or loud environment I simply turn them down and experience peace and tranquility. I find this option exceedingly useful during an election year.


It took years for me to find and appreciate the gifts in my altered state of hearing, but they were there.  I used the powerful tool of appreciation to turn the ringing in my ears into a peaceful melody. I appreciate the ringing music so much more than silence.


 When I’m having a conversation with someone instead of getting upset about not hearing or pretending that I head them, I say ” Please repeat that.”.  I then get the chance to look them in the eye’s and connect on a meaningful level.


Appreciation will change the way you see the world.  Appreciation practiced will change the way you live in it.


Wishing you and your world a happy and prosperous Thanksgiving. Welcome down the rabbit hole.


Peace & Joy
Tracey R Kern
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