November 2018- Falling into Alignment

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What if The World is Not Falling Apart


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Welcome to the November 2018 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.

This month’s Conscious tumble down the rabbit hole: What if the world isn’t falling apart but rather falling into alignment? What if things are moving along perfectly to create a grander version of your greatest vision.

I started this theme article four, ok maybe five time’s, trying to talk about the holidays and how distorted they have become. That didn’t work.  I then tried writing about how great the air smells, the good cheer felt by all and the joyful holiday spirit. That didn’t work either.

I then realize I was avoiding what I was supposed to be talking about.   So here goes my personal version of understanding the world is not falling apart but rather falling into alignment I sincerely hope it helps you Consciously Shift.

At the beginning of October my wife and I returned home from a week’s vacation.  We were sitting in our living room visiting with a friend and all of a sudden it sounded like a bomb went off.  Ok I didn’t hear the bomb because I wear hearing aids, instead I felt the earth shake.  We  ran out front in a panic only to discover that a monster truck driven by a drunk neighbor had totaled two new cars, one almost new car, and unearthed the concrete in our driveway with their attempted to leave the scene.

What came next was four police cars, eight police officers, a drunk mother of the driver and two cheesy sleazy girlfriends yelling and carrying on in my front yard.  And there’s more.

The next week my plumbing backed up and I had raw sewage in my house.  Roots from neighboring trees in my sewer lines created $3,000 worth of damage. And there’s more.

A week later a family member passed.

All of this in three weeks’ time.  It felt like the world was falling apart. Both my wife and I were functioning like zombies in a monster flick.  We threw up our hands and said no more.

And then the alignment started.

We decided we did not need two cars. That the money we would save in car payment and insurance could be put to “fun” use.  The day after we made this decision the plumber showed up and started digging only to find that the city was to blame for our overflow issues. And finally, the passing of the family member has provided a beautiful sense of peace for both the person that passed and our family.

So, is your world falling apart right now?  If so, are you open to the alignment that is just around the corner?  Remember that  alignment can feel just like falling down that rabbit hole but rest assured once you get to the point of release it will all Consciously Shift and in magical ways.

In closing I leave you with the powerful words of the great Maya Angelou.


Happy blessed alignment to you and your families for this holiday season.


Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern

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