November 2019 – What is Possible?

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Finding Possibility in Life


November 2019Do you believe that anything is possible? Do you believe that you can have everything you yearn for?  Well I do.

I believe that anything is possible. I also believe that our purpose in life is to live our possibility vision. That living life as What Is Possible will bring a new and exciting version of your possibility vision every day.

Why do I believe this you ask? Because possibility is what we came here to experience. Possibility in everything. Positive possibility everywhere.  I know you’re thinking it can feel downright impossible to live your possibility vision. Partly because we don’t even know what that is and partly because it’s too painful to focus on something we think we can never have.

I know there are times when it feels as though love, hope, joy, happiness, freedom, and all things associated with possibility are a myth and the opposite of “reality.” Well it’s not.  In fact, focusing on What Is Possible is the first step to breaking the myth of “reality.”

My personal experience with the biggest myth on the planet, the “reality” scam, started when I was three.  I was made painfully aware I was going to have to figure this whole thing out by myself and that I would be required to take care of the adults around me while I did it.  My understanding of “reality” scared the possibility dreamer right out of me and for years I manifested the opposite of positive possibilities.

As early as four I manifested and experienced migraines and sexual assault.  It then evolved to a brain tumor, obesity, severe depression, suicide attempts, vision issues, profound hearing loss, balance and stamina challenges, and a bit of PTSD.   Basically, I faced the “reality” of things and became masterful at manifesting fear and all it had to offer.

The Power of Going Within

Then one day I realized that all I had was me and that this understanding was all I needed. For the first time ever, I could feel that I was all the possibility I could ever imagine or need.  That I had all the divine answers in me if I would only listen.  With this understanding the possibility work started.

I released toxic relationships. I focused on being gentle with me.  I forgave me as much as I could.  Then I read, I studied, and I invested in me.  The more I did this the more I was able to know what I wanted. The more I knew what I wanted the more it showed up.

The fear began to melt away and I was able to see and accept possibility.  The more I saw what was possible the more I loved life.  This love for life allowed illness and dis-ease to melt away allowing life to feel like it made sense.  And here is where it got exciting because when life made sense, I began living the way I had always intended, authentic and true to me.   As a result, I began to ask What Is Possible again.

Where does it go from here? I’m not sure but I’ve learned this so far: We never get it done and we never stop growing. There will always be more layers to discover and unfold.  The process can’t hurt you it only feels that way. If you’re feeling afraid to move forward, you’re doing it right.  Don’t fear the authentic you and know that it’s never too late to ask What Is Possible.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of What Is Possible  

Tracey R. Kern
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