November 2020- Moving Forward Empowered

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November 2020


November 2020 Moving Forward Empowered

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Moving Forward Empowered seems like a bit of a fantasy considering what’s going on in the world.  There’s political change unlike anything we have experienced in this country. There’s violence, social unrest, and let’s not forget a global pandemic.

I know I’m not telling you anything new.  And for the past few months I am sure I have mentioned some, if not all of the above, numerous times.  But the million-dollar question about this repeat is: where does this leave us and why should you continue reading?

Here is where it gets good.

It is now time to move forward and it’s time to do so filled with all the beautiful and blessed energy of who you are.  It’s time to take back your power and yes, it’s time to live empowered.

The things happening in our world are not happening by mistake. We, as a collective whole, have been creating this for a long time.  We have been living in an unconscious manner for so long that there was nothing left for us but to Shift, and so we are.

Now that may sound confusing or even disempowering considering what is going on. But think about it like this. Since the pandemic, we have been forced to spend time with ourselves.  And I would be remiss if I did not mention the social upheaval that has shown itself.

First the pandemic. Downtime could be great, or it could be terrible depending on your relationship with yourself. Either way, the forced downtime has allowed us to understand more about who we really are. Some of it is good and some of it not so good. The results of your findings are not as important as what you have chosen to do with the results.

And this is where you get to decide.

Do I move forward thriving in my “empoweredness” or do I stick to the same? Do I allow this situation to define me or do I create a more appropriate version of me as I move forward in the world from here?

Second, the social unrest. If you live in this country as a minority you feel it in your bones that things need to change. In fact, the releasing of racism, gender discrimination, and more is so long overdue to talk about it seems like a moot point.  Yet here we are dealing with hurt, anger, and fear about a topic that still divides us. So, what have we learned and how will we move forward from here?

This answer will be different for everyone but for me it has been one of understanding that ugliness still exists and on a level I was unwilling to admit to. It has also taught me that it does not get to own me or hold me back. Instead, the situation has reminded me that other people’s hate and fear does not and will not own me.

As I recap this year and its events I see and feel I have learned more about who I am and what I choose than I have in any of my 49 years of living in the consciousness called Tracey Kern.

Now about Moving Forward Empowered. It is my hope that Moving Forward Empowered will look different for everyone. That it will be filled with endless possibilities for everyone. That those possibilities create the grandest version of empowerment for you, our planet, and the greater good.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of Moving Forward Empowered.

Tracey R. Kern
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