Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. What is Prayer?

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January 2021 Prayer

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Prayer does not work when you start bargaining with God.   Prayer if done incorrectly commits yourself to uncertainty.  I am sick God, please heal me.  I am lonely God, please let me find someone to be with.  What are you telling yourself?  You are confirming to your little pea brain of a mind that you are actually sick or lonely.  You are telling God I have a lack somewhere within me.  Since you asked for the lack that is what you will get.  God also doesn’t understand what a deficiency within you would mean.  How could you not be completely enveloped in his love?

That is all he knows.

What do you think would happen if your prayer for your enemy went like this?  Dear God, please help my brother.  Please let him see what a jerk he is being.  What are you putting out there to the universe?  You are saying your brother is a jerk, so he keeps on being a jerk.

Prayer most of the time is specific to yourself or another person.  Help me Dear Jesus (substitute your entity of choice here) or help my brother.  If you are making it about a separate person or all about you then you are doing it wrong.

It needs to be a statement of unity.

Prayer should be a focus or a meditation on the beauty of life, peaceful living and serenity.  When you get yourself and others out of the way that is when you will open up and have true revelation.  It is okay if you have your rituals and routines.  Prayer is acceptable, but I want you to look above prayer.  Rise above prayer and focus more on God than on yourself and others.  You do not have to actually do anything as you are already with God, but prayer can keep you focused and on the right track.  Examples of prayer are:

Dear God,

Thank you for this splendid, magnificent day.  Let me take in the beauty and grandeur of the world.  I am so thankful for everything the day offers.  Let me be aligned with peace and love.

Dear God,

Please keep my brother in your thoughts today as he continues his journey with peace and love.  Let him continue to have tranquility and harmony throughout his day.

Notice how I never drew out any problems, health concerns, or a feeling of inadequacy.  I made it all specific to peaceful existing and serenity.  That is the true abundance of prayer.





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