October 2014-Finding Your Creativity

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October 2014-Conscious Shift Magazine

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Finding Your Creativity
What does it mean to be creative? Is it that you can paint a beautiful picture or draw the most amazing rendition of anything you see?

Maybe its your ability to create and build a better and faster technological widget. The examples of art and invention are limitless; yet are these examples of what it means to be creative?


I remember growing up and seeing what my mother could create. She is an amazing artist and has lived her life teaching and selling art. She has been showcased all over the world and as a result of of being influenced by her approach to creativity.  I believed that if you were to create you had to make “art”. I even wore shirts that said “Go To Your Studio and Make Stuff”. Reinforcing my belief that creativity had to aligned with the worlds view of creativity.

I have since realized that creativity is so much more than painting or inventing a quantifiable something. Creativity is more about how you live in the world. Your creativity is about how you show up every day and claim your place in life rather than the world to tell you your place in it.

If you are breathing you are creating. My question for you, what will you Create today?


We can always count on Neo to remind us that creativity gets you places…
Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility…
Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern
Conscious Shift Publications

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