October 2015- Asking “What If?”

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Hello Conscious Shifter’s and welcome to the October 2015 edition of Conscious Shift Magazine.

This month we venture down the rabbit hole of Asking “What If?”.

“What if” is infinite and asking “what if” can set you up for everything you ever wanted. “What if I could fly?”,” What if” I could achieve that goal, get that promotion, and have the life partner of my dreams.  “What if” the sky was only the beginning?

Asking “what if” is a powerful question. It is a question that can turn your life around depending on the kind of what if questions you are asking.

It’s been my experience that there are two kinds of “what if” questions. There is the above mentioned “what if” of possibility, my personal favorite.  Then there are the “what if” questions of worry, fear, and self doubt. They often create dis-ease and unhappiness in life, and even though we don’t like them they still serve as great learning tools.

Then there is the Hokey Pokey…we’ll get to that.

Lets start with the self doubt and fear “What if’s?”. The ones that serve as great learning tools; “What if I can’t do it?”, What if I’m not smart enough?”, “What if I had done things differently in that relationship?”, “What if I’m humiliated?”, “What if it’s a scam?”.  The mind is relentless when it comes to fear based “What if”s?”. The worse part about these kind of “What if’s?” is they never stop, and in time the fear based “What if?” completely drowns out our possibility.

One way that I counter the fear based “what if’s” is by Shifting my perspective of them.

“What If” I can’t do it.
I’m not smart enough and I will be humiliated. The fact is we are limitless beings and there is nothing we can’t do as long as we don’t convince ourselves that we can’t. Always remember in the event that you can’t find an answer, Google it. Humiliation avoided and fear knocked out.

“What If” I get scammed?
I learned a lot from that last business scam, I now know how to run my business on my own and I make better decisions. I’m not afraid of being scammed because that’s already happened.

“What If “I had done things differently?
I know for sure I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had only done things differently. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself and your “what if” possibilities.  It’s self defeating and prevents you from moving forward.  Forgive yourself because you absolutely would not be here today in this place of potential and possibility had you done things differently.

The best way I know to eliminate the fear “What if?” and live in the possibility “What If?” is to put your whole self in. Everyday little by little, step by step, ask better “What if?” questions, and before you know it you will have your whole self turned around, shaking things all about.

What if it really is all about the Hokey Pokey?



neo Neo is great at “What if?” possibility and makes himself comfortable in any place he sees comfort potential.  “What if “that plant is really a nap spot set up just for me. “What if “I put my whole self in and turn around.  The nap on a plant is what it’s all about…




Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility
Peace & Joy
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