October 2018: Navigating the In-Between

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Welcome to another edition of Conscious Shift Magazine and our Conscious conversation about Navigating the In-Between.

What does it mean exactly to Navigate the In-Between?  Well, for some it’s being neutral and for others it’s about keeping peace on both sides of the road.  The in-between I’m referring to is about accepting and allowing life’s transitions, finding the “win-win” spot and building a strong foundation for yourself.

I know it sounds silly and yet the undeniable truth is that if you are firmly grounded in your own personal knowing you can navigate all of the above with ease and grace.

OK, I can feel your eye roll.  So, I ask all of you to stop everything and just be very quiet. Stop and be a bit brave and go within so you can learn more about you.  Go within so you can see, feel and then own your true strengths.  Going within is the only way to make you a masterful navigator of your In-Between.

The bottom line here is that Navigating the In-Between is all about you. And my navigating is all about me. And the neighbor’s navigation is all about them. And Uncle Joe’s navigating is about him…and you get the point.  I also know that from the onset this sounds selfish and nothing about being In-Between. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Strong navigators know their truth and face the world with a love and compassion that is both giving and real. The most successful navigators are about connecting with self instead of with things, drama and dogma. In other words, the most successful navigation of In-Between is accomplished when you go within.

From the onset this sounds selfish because for the majority of our lives we are taught that this line of thinking is both narcissist and self-centered.  That exhausting yourself in an effort to please another is the most noble goal and you should ignore the dis-ease inside.  And if this is how you live in the world I do not fault you.

Everyone has a choice about their version of Navigating the In-Between. We all get to choose, and we all get to live out that choice. With that being said remember one thing.  This is Conscious Shift and I am the navigator of this in-between and I choose to leave you with one final thought.

When you’re on a plane and the stewardess is giving you preflight instructions she always mentions one thing. “In the event we should lose cabin pressure oxygen masks will drop down. Please put the mask on yourself before assisting others.” Why do they say that? Because you can’t help anyone breathe if you don’t help yourself first.

Welcome down the rabbit hole of possibility.


Peace & Joy
Tracey R. Kern

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