October 2019- Working Through Resistance

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As Easy as Riding a Bike


October 2019

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Resistance is an interesting thing.  Often times we don’t even realize we are experiencing resistance because we have attached an event or purpose to it.  We use past experiences based in fear or limitations to justify our perspective. Once we have created a reasonable amount of justification around the resistance, we wrap it up in a nice little package and present it to the world as who we are choosing to be.

I’m certain many people would not look at their resistance this way but let’s really think about this.  Most resistance is based in fear and most of us resist our fears whenever possible.  A lifetime of resisting leads to a life lived afraid, stifled and joyless at the very least.

I recently worked through some personal resistance in the area of riding my bike.  I know this sounds kind of shallow considering there are more serious things to be afraid of but work with me.

I have always loved riding my bike.  It represented freedom to me as a child and it made me feel like I was flying.  I would ride hands free for blocks, turning corners at will — all hands free.  Now fast forward to today and bike riding is nothing short of terrifying.  My balance is challenged, and my body does not respond like it did when I was 10; imagine my shock.  This realization was heartbreaking and for a long time I just didn’t ride.

After a couple years of compensating with walking I thought this is crazy, get on that bike!  So, I did, and it was rough.  I would ride a few blocks and come home aching and exhausted.  I was so resistant I would death grip the handlebars and have neck aches after two blocks of riding. One time I crashed, most times I would have to stop mid-ride because I was so out of shape.

It was a very interesting few months and then one day it just got easier.  I began to stop the white knuckling, and now I wear a helmet and my body only aches if I am riding hard or fast in a high gear.

Today I am happy to report that I ride five days a week and I’m having fun. I have found my freedom again.  I didn’t even realize how much I had given up by letting resistance take over.  If I had not chosen to work through my resistance, I would not have found my personal freedom, my knowing that I can do everything I came here to do.

In Working Through Resistance, the most important thing to know is that it’s never too late and you can start anywhere. That something small each day will give you great result in the end. Let go of the resistance and just try because you are worth it.


One final thought…If it’s challenging then chances are, you’re Working Through Resistance.



Welcome down the rabbit hole of Working Through Resistance.

Peace & Joy
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