Oct 2020 – The Evolution of Choice

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The World is Not Falling Apart, It Is Falling Into Alignment



You would have to be living in seclusion to not notice the change happening in the world right now.  Everything is or appears to be in upheaval.  And I’m sure we are all asking ourselves how to get off this roller coaster ride?

I think it’s pretty clear, based on world events, that we are all carrying and experiencing larger than normal amounts of fear that change on a daily basis.  Fear about safety, basic survival, and providing for our families. Not to mention the basic anxiety wrapped around not knowing how this will all unfold. Getting off the fear rollercoaster so that you can look outside fear and reconnect with your own choice is no easy task.

The other day I noticed I was stuck on the fear rollercoaster. 

I was thinking of how the world events seem to be evolving and challenging my own beliefs. As a result, I started to feel very uncomfortable in my body.  I started to experience symptoms of old illnesses or injuries.  Things like muscle spasms in my back.  My balance being extra challenging, not seeing or hearing as clearly as I normally do, migraines, and brain fog that felt thicker than pea soup.

At first, I thought it was just menopause kicking in since I’m a woman of that age, so I took some remedies and ate a muffin.  When that didn’t create anything other than wanting another muffin, I realized it was something else.

And this is when I knew what was happening.  My fear was paying a visit by trying to scare me with physical ailments. When that didn’t get me, fear tried a new tactic.  It tried mini panic moments.

Finding Your Authentic Choice

At first, I tried to figure this out. Things like where is this coming from? What do I heal from the past to make the present complete? I even considered seeing an “expert” for insight.  But then I realized what was happening.

I have been feeling great, I am strong, and I am having the best time of my life.  I love my body; I am in blissful love with my wife and I am in love with me.

And this is where it hit me, fear is on its way out so it’s trying harder to stay. Fear knows I am choosing to evolve. Despite everything going on in the world and in my body, my response to fear is and has been, I release you, I choose change. I choose to evolve inside and out. I choose to be the grandest version of me, and I choose it now.

So when it feels like the roller coaster is moving too fast, or I think that I can’t handle my process of evolving I remember this. When things got hard, fate whispered to the warrior, “You can’t handle the storm.”  The warrior whispered back, “I AM the storm.”

Be the storm. You got this!

Welcome down the rabbit hole of The Evolution of Change. 

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