Oh Dear. What if You Really Can Fly?

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© Sunny studio

© Sunny studio

Anything we set our minds to, we can achieve. We are a warehouse of unlimited potential and if we can envision it, we can attain it. But what if I fail? Oh dear, but what if you can fly?

Most of our limiting beliefs fall into the category of past patterning. We hold memories and feelings of self-doubt and sabotage in our mind’s eye. If that is the case, then it makes sense that we set ourselves up for failure, if that is what we see every time we try to achieve a goal. What if we were to create new neuro-associations in our mind by rewriting our stories? For example: “I will never lose the weight because it’s genetic. My whole family is overweight!” What if you were to change the neuro-association into: “I am in control of my own health and I will make the choice to watch what I eat, exercise daily and watch my thoughts. I am the creator of my own destiny.” Which one makes you feel stronger and in control?

If this is not enough to take control or accountability, then perhaps we need to associate more PAIN with NOT following through with our own lives. If we use the example from above and create more pain with not following through, what would that look like? Perhaps we have kids who look at us as role models. What if they were to see us gorge on food and blow up like a balloon over a period of time? What would that look and feel like? Perhaps we develop pain in the joints and have a hard time breathing. We can’t even walk them to school anymore. They are embarrassed by us and prefer not to have us around. Then they start to gain weight and have a hard time keeping up with their friends. These are painful examples, but sometimes we need to feel the PAIN in order to change a self-sabotaging behavior! Get leverage on yourself. You must get yourself to the point where NOT changing is PAINFUL, but changing is PLEASURABLE.

How we associate pleasure will be different with everyone. We can start by making a list of why we know we can change. Think of any past successes. What if there is a block and nothing comes to mind? What can we do then? We can make the conscious decision to change our physiological state. Take notice of our bodies when we have a lack of confidence. How do we speak? How do we walk? More than likely, SLOW is how we choose to move and speak. Our shoulders may be slumped forward and we look down. How can we change this state?

© Tom Wang

© Tom Wang

Change our emotion by creating explosive motion. Change the pattern in a drastic way. If we find ourselves walking slowly or choosing procrastination, do something drastic to change the pattern. Do something crazy! Create a movement that is rapid. Clap your hands or make a completely crazy sound. Trust me, it is enough to snap us out of the self-sabotaging pattern. Hey, it may even make us laugh!

Create a vision board. Anything that we can feel and see, we can achieve. Cut out pictures that motivate, and post them on a Bristol board. If there are words that motivate and inspire, cut those out and post them onto the board. Anything visual that stimulates the belief in us, post it! Look at it morning and night. Feel those feelings deep down. How does it feel? Envision and feel yourself at your very best. Put your arms in the air and say YES!

When it comes down to health and life in general, we are responsible for the energy we bring. Nobody else is going to do it for us. Live with accountability and take the leap of faith. Faith in ourselves and our choices are powerful. Do you think that we were put on this abundant earth to feel bad? HOGWASH! It’s time to start embarking on a new lease on life. Take charge and live with the vibrant energy we were born with. Own it and take it back!

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